Is Social Media Affecting Your Life? 3 Practical Ways To Prevent It

Gayathri Shivaram introduces 3 steps to prevent and protect from social media.

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Is Social Media Affecting Your Life? 3 Practical Ways To Prevent It

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  • Gayathri Shivaram is a well-known manifestation coach and therapist
  • Introduces 3 steps to prevent social media effect
  • Monitor your time

In today's digital world, where social media grasps your mind properly. Which results in overthinking, feeling anxious, and depressive thoughts. Lots of social media platforms display fun and entertainment with an acceptance to influence your body and mental health. Gayathri Shivaram a well-known manifestation coach and therapist overviews the main reasons for stress, overthinking, and anxiety. According to her scientific explanation, every time you scroll social media will give you a lot of information. Both the body and nervous system have not evolved to process so much information that is happening in every area of the world.

In human history, an individual only knew about their daily work, family, relatives, and their residence. every time opening the app either feeling insecure about yourself or seeing injustice or trauma happening in different parts of the world. That's why you constantly feel anxious because your body enters the survival mode and doesn't know how to deal with these emotions. And wanted to get back to a relaxed state.

Here 3 ways to protect yourself from social media effects:

1. Set a Timer: have a timer on your phone that logs you out when you spend more than 15 minutes on any social media app. It deliberates the usage of social media. This practice allows you a specific time slot to engage on social media.

2. Ignore Negativity: Social media is full of negative trends or negative reports. The user must unfollow all profiles that feed negative news and make you feel insecure.

3. Build a Habit: Most people suffer from this bad habit, that they use their mobile phone before sleeping at night and in the morning. To prevent this, cultivate a habit of having a no-phone zone for 1 hour as soon as you wake up and right before you go to sleep.

It's extremely important to stay connected and know what's happening in the world but rather than this, it's equally important to be disconnected from social media and find the calmness within. and bring meaningful connections with friends and family around us.

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