Georgi Sarkisyan Shares Easy To Follow Back lever Tutorials

Progress through pull-up strength, advanced tuck, and leverage negatives to master the elusive back lever hold, enhancing your calisthenics skills.

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Georgi Sarkisyan Shares Easy To Follow Back lever Tutorials

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  • Strengthen with 10+ pull-ups and progress to dead-hang
  • Advance to an advanced tuck hold
  • Develop with back lever negatives and straddle hold for mastery

The journey to mastering the challenging back lever exercise involves a well-structured progression to build both strength and technique. In the initial step, you're encouraged to focus on building upper body strength by accomplishing a minimum of 10 pull-ups. This foundational strength is essential to support the intense demands of the back lever. The second step involves dead hangs, where you hang from a bar with straight arms, primarily to bolster your grip strength and become comfortable with the bar itself. This step helps you establish a sturdy foundation upon which to build your back lever skills.

Back Lever Exercise:

As you progress to step 3, you'll encounter the advanced tuck hold. In this position, you tuck your knees toward your chest while maintaining a horizontal body position, simulating the early stages of the back lever. This intermediate step is crucial for understanding the required body positioning and for developing the core and hip flexor strength needed to progress further into the full back lever.

Step 4 introduces back lever negatives, a technique where you slowly lower yourself into the back lever position from a dead hang. This eccentric movement is a vital component of your training, as it aids in building the necessary strength and control required to execute the full back lever with precision. It's a challenging but rewarding phase that bridges the gap between preparation and execution. In step 5, the straddle hold comes into play. This position represents an intermediate stage between the tuck hold and the full-back lever. By spreading your legs apart while maintaining a horizontal body position, you engage your core and hip flexors even more intensely, further preparing you for the ultimate back lever challenge.

Mastering the back lever requires patience and is a remarkable achievement in the realm of strength and technique. A systematic approach is not only essential to ensure steady progress but also to minimize the risk of injury. Starting with pull-ups, dead hangs, and the advanced tuck hold establishes the necessary foundation of strength and body awareness. Progressing to back lever negatives and the straddle hold refines your technique, bringing you closer to achieving the full back lever. Maintain consistency and patience throughout this journey, and combine proper form with consistent strength training and you will soon be realizing your fitness goals.

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