Exclusive: Yash Birla Talks About His Diet & Fitness Regime

Yash Birla exclusively speaks to whosthat360.

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Exclusive: Yash Birla Talks About His Diet & Fitness Regime

Photo Credit: Yash Birla Instagram

  • Yash Birla is a fitness influencer
  • He unveils various fitness secrets
  • Yash: I change my routine regularly to prevent plateaus.

Popular fitness influencer & entrepreneur Yash Birla has exclusively connected with whosthat360. He shares his fitness secrets, most loved exercises, and much more.

Here are the edited excerpts from this fitness chit-chat.

What is your go-to exercise for a quick energy boost?

Full body light weight training workout.

How do you stay motivated to work out regularly?

I set specific goals, vary my routine to keep it interesting and focus on the positive effects exercise has on my mood and health.

What is your favourite healthy snack or meal?

Plain Greek yogurt with mixed berries or some fruits.

What is the most challenging fitness goal you've achieved so far?

The most challenging fitness goal for me was to continuously progress in aesthetics and fitness levels in my life and not even let it regress for a month. 
What is your favourite form of cardio exercise?

Taking a brisk walk, even for a short duration like 10 or 15 minutes, benefits both your body and mind.
Do you prefer working out alone or with a partner?

There are certain times I like to work out alone as it helps me to focus more. But sometimes having a partner is motivational to exercise while conversing, so I prefer working out mostly with somebody. 

What is your top tip for fitting exercise into a busy schedule?

Prioritize exercise into a busy schedule because we include a lot of leisure activities in our schedule like scrolling on Instagram, or going to movies, so why can't we include exercise in that? 
How do you overcome workout plateaus and keep making progress?

I change my routine regularly to prevent plateaus. Incorporating new exercises, increasing intensity or weight, focusing on proper nutrition and recovery, and setting new, challenging goals helps me to stay motivated and continue progressing.
What is your favourite way to recover and relax after a tough workout?

I like to meditate or do Pranayam for 10 minutes to align my mind, body, and spirit.

What is your favourite fitness Instagram account to follow?

I don't follow any particular account because I believe that following one person may stagnate you so I look at different individuals.
What is your favourite way to celebrate a fitness accomplishment?

I just say thank you to myself and my body. 
How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance while prioritizing fitness?

For me, maintaining a healthy work-life balance while prioritizing fitness involves setting boundaries, scheduling dedicated time for both work and exercise and prioritizing self-care. Making fitness a non-negotiable part of my routine helps me to ensure that I consistently prioritize my health and well-being alongside my other responsibilities.
What is your biggest fitness goal for the future?

Maintain myself at today's condition or even improve for the next 20 years.

What is your advice for someone who is just starting out on their fitness journey?

My only advice would be to start slow and be consistent. Focus on forming habits that you can maintain long-term. Set achievable goals, track your progress, and celebrate small victories. Listen to your body, prioritize rest, and enjoy the process of improving your health and fitness.

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