Dr Dimple Advices To Stop Three Dinner Mistakes To Stay Healthy

Dinner is a crucial meal and here are three mistakes that you should avoid to stay healthy.
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Dr Dimple Advices To Stop Three Dinner Mistakes To Stay Healthy

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  • Dr Dimple is a popular Ayurveda and Gut Health coach
  • She creates health-related content on social media
  • She describes 3-major mistakes in to avoid during dinner

A healthy dinner is a balanced and nourishing meal that supports overall well-being. It includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods like lean proteins, whole grains, and colourful vegetables. Choosing whole, unprocessed ingredients ensures a satisfying and healthful dining experience, promoting vitality and optimal nutrition for the body. Dr Dimple who is a renowned Ayurveda and Gut Health coach and a health-content creator has simplified the dinner and has come up with 3 mistakes to avoid for dinner.

1: Eating fruits for dinner

Keep in mind that fruits contain active enzymes, providing a similar awakening effect on your body as coffee. It's optimal to consume fruits during the day, either in the morning or as an evening snack, but it's advisable to avoid them after sunset. This precaution is important to prevent spiking glucose levels right before bedtime.

2: Having starchy and Carb rich foods

Consuming foods high in starch and carbs, including simple carbs like pasta, pizza, french fries, and potatoes, is not recommended. Additionally, indulging in deep-fried foods may trigger acid reflux, making it advisable to limit the intake of such items for better digestive health.

3: Having complex cruciferous vegetables as a salad

Opting for complex cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, or cauliflower is not recommended for dinner as they require a longer digestion time.

Dinner Guidelines

You can have a big bowl of vegetable soup. Find out what you're deficient in.

  • Iron Deficiency: For those experiencing iron deficiency, a substantial bowl of soup crafted from carrots, beetroots, and spinach is a recommended remedy.
  • Deficit of fat and lubrication: If you have a deficiency in fat and lubrication, consider consuming pumpkin soup.
  • Weight loss: If weight loss is your goal, opt for a clear vegetable broth alongside millet kichadi or millet porridge, rich in fibre, for a satisfying dinner. Another option is rice cooked with lentils and vegetables, providing a wholesome and nutritious meal to support your weight management journey.

Pro-tip by Dr Dimple: Make sure to have a small dinner 3 hours before going to bed so that it's fully digested.

Dr Dimple is an esteemed Ayurveda and Gut Health Coach, renowned for her expertise in holistic well-being. As the author of "Heal Your Gut, Mind & Emotions," she holds the #1 position in mental and spiritual healing. With dual honorary doctorates in gut health, she passionately guides individuals on a transformative journey to nurture their gut health, achieving a harmonious balance of physical and emotional well-being. Dr Dimple's impactful contributions to the health and beauty realm make her a trusted advocate for those seeking profound healing through Ayurvedic principles and mindful living.


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