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Do Some Foods Turn Toxic When You Refrigerate Them? Here's What Dr. Dimple Jangda Said

Dr. Dimple Jangda Explains the Science of Appropriate Onion Storage.

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Do Some Foods Turn Toxic When You Refrigerate Them? Here's What Dr. Dimple Jangda Said

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  • Wrapping them can accelerate decomposition.
  • Maintain the onion's flavor and longevity
  • Keep onions separate from potatoes

Do you have a habit of keeping your onions in the frigid depths of the fridge? Rethinking your storage approach is necessary if this is the case, says food science expert Dr. Dimple Jangda. Onions don't like the cold in the refrigerator; on the contrary, they do best in a cool, dry atmosphere. 

Appropriate Onion Storage:

Onions should be stored at 45 to 50°F (just above refrigerator level), according to the USDA. Onions keep their flavor and texture for extended periods when they are kept in this ideal temperature range. Dr. Jangda also suggests against storing onions in plastic bags since they need adequate air circulation to withstand premature deterioration.

The National Library of Medicine adds support to this recommendation by recommending that onions be stored around 40–50°F (4–10°C) to properly preserve their qualities. This temperature range prevents onions from sprouting, which is an indicator that they are about to spoil. Onions that have sprouted not only lose some of their flavor and texture but also should not be eaten. 

Similar to these opinions, the National Onion Association emphasizes the significance of keeping onions in a cold, dry, and well-ventilated space. It is best to store food between 45 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain maximum freshness and flavor. Additionally, avoiding plastic wrap or bags promotes adequate air circulation, which extends onions' shelf life.

Dr. Jangda gives some important storage advice, one of which is to store potatoes and onions apart. The propensity of potatoes to release moisture can hasten the onion's breakdown. You can make sure that your onions stay tasty, fresh, and prepared to enhance your recipes according to these easy rules.

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