Combat Cough Naturally: Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat's Ayurvedic Remedy

Discover the natural expectorant powers of Vasa (Adulsa) for instant relief from cough, cold, and respiratory ailments.

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Combat Cough Naturally: Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat's Ayurvedic Remedy

Photo Credit: Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat Instagram

  • Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat is a digital influencer
  • He is an Ayurveda consultant and Panchakarma specialist
  • He shares the best remedy for cough

As the weather changes, the rise in cough and cold cases is inevitable. Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat, a digital influencer and Ayurveda consultant specializing in Panchakarma, shares an effective Ayurvedic remedy for treating cough, leveraging the potent properties of the Vasa (Adulsa or Ardusi) herb.

Vasa: The Best Herb for Cough

Why Vasa?

  • Natural Expectorant: Vasa is known for its ability to clear congestion and ease throat discomfort, making it beneficial for recurrent coughs.
  • Relief from Respiratory Issues: It provides instant relief from cold, cough, and flu symptoms, reduces chest and nasal congestion, and is effective in treating asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, and other respiratory infections.
  • Safety: Vasa is safe for children, making it a family-friendly remedy.

Traditional Kadha Recipe for Cough Relief

Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat shares a nostalgic remedy passed down from his grandmother, a simple yet effective kadha (decoction) made from Vasa leaves.


  • 1/2 Vasa leaf
  • 5 Tulsi (holy basil) leaves
  • 4 cups water
  • 1/2 spoon jaggery


  • Boil the Vasa leaf, Tulsi leaves, and water until the volume reduces to one cup.
  • Add half a spoon of jaggery to the mixture.
  • Strain and drink the kadha for instant relief from cold, cough, and congestion.

Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat's recommendation of Vasa as a natural remedy for cough and respiratory issues is a testament to the power of traditional Ayurvedic practices. This herb, coupled with the simple kadha recipe, offers a safe and effective solution for combating cough and cold symptoms. Incorporating Vasa into your home garden can ensure you have this natural expectorant at hand whenever the need arises.

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