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Should You Uninstall Paytm? Here's What Sakchi Jain Has to Say

Sakchi Jain explains what will happen to Paytm accounts from 1st March onwards.
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Should You Uninstall Paytm? Here's What Sakchi Jain Has to Say

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  • Sakchi Jain discusses the Paytm issue
  • Users are still able to operate their Fast Tag balance
  • No more credit activities

Questions have been laid out regarding the prospects of Paytm accounts, particularly concerning what would happen to balances, cashback, and transaction functions after February 29, 2024, following the Reserve Bank of India's penalties on Paytm Payments Bank. Sakchi Jain provides insightful explanations and important insights to help dispel these doubts.

Sakchi Jain Discusses Paytm Issue:

Despite popular belief, customers don't have to worry about sacrificing their Fast Tag balance or incurring losses from unused rewards. Sakchi Jain promises customers to ensure they may utilize their Fast Tag balance and easily withdraw any leftover rewards even after February 29.

It is important to remember that after February 29th, several limits will be in place. Any client accounts, cards that are prepaid wallets, FASTags, or NCMC cards will not accept any more credit transactions, deposits, or top-ups. This is a dramatic change in the way Paytm profiles function.

Users using Paytm to link other financial accounts for use with UPI need not be concerned about their online payment operations being disrupted in spite of these limitations. The restrictions placed on Paytm Payments Bank are particular in nature and mostly impact bank-to-bank transactions.


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