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CA Bhagyashree Thakkar Simplifies the Gold Monetisation Scheme

CA Bhagyashree Thakkar has discussed the Gold Monetisation Scheme.

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CA Bhagyashree Thakkar Simplifies the Gold Monetisation Scheme

Photo Credit: CA Bhagyashree Thakkar Instagram

  • CA Bhagyashree Thakkar talks about finance
  • She elaborates on the Gold Monetisation Scheme
  • Earn internet on your gold

CA Bhagyashree Thakkar is a finance influencer and content creator. She talks about loans, trends, investments, and other banking stuff. She has recently discussed The Gold Monetisation Scheme (GMS). 

Sharing the details she wrote, “Gold lying idle in your home can earn interest for you! The Gold Monetisation Scheme (GMS) introduced by the government is a smart way to grow your wealth. By depositing your gold in a bank under GMS, you not only keep your gold safe but also earn interest up to 2.5% per annum. Say a final goodbye to the yearly locker rent which can range from 1,000 to 20,000 INR.” 
She added, “What's more enticing is the flexibility it offers. While your gold appreciates over time, you also have the option to receive the maturity amount in the form of cash or gold bars, making it a hassle-free investment. But remember, the gold deposited will not be returned in the same form, so it's wise not to deposit jewelry with sentimental value.” 
“The Gold Monetisation Scheme is an incredible opportunity to earn extra with no additional investment. So, why keep your gold idle when it can 6 for you?” she concluded. 

Finance influencers often share schemes as per their research but it's the responsibility of the audience as well to do their research before investing in any such scheme. 

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