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Saree Styling for Beginners: Expert Tips from Fashion Influencer Shilpa Tolani

Embrace the elegance of sarees with ease using Shilpa Tolani's beginner-friendly tips.

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Saree Styling for Beginners: Expert Tips from Fashion Influencer Shilpa Tolani

Photo Credit: Shilpa Tolani Instagram

  • Shilpa Tolani fashion influencer and digital creator
  • She shares four saree tips for beginners
  • Make a note to avoid hassle and discomfort

Wearing a saree is a cherished dream for many girls, but it can be daunting for beginners who may lack the confidence to carry it effortlessly. Fashion influencer and digital creator Shilpa Tolani shares four essential tips for beginners to make the saree-wearing experience hassle-free and comfortable.

Four Saree Tips for Beginners

1. Footwear: The Foundation of Grace

  • Recommendation: Opt for wedges and block heels instead of flats and pointy heels.
  • Reason: They provide better balance and support, making it easier to walk and manage the saree.

2. Saree Material: The Key to Comfort

  • Suggestion: Choose non-slippery materials like soft cotton or silk over slippery fabrics like chiffon and organza.
  • Benefit: These materials are easier to drape and stay in place, reducing the chances of the saree slipping or getting unruly.

3. Petticoat: The Invisible Support

  • Advice: Prefer cotton or lycra in-skirts over satin petticoats.
  • Advantage: Cotton or lycra petticoats provide a better grip for the saree, ensuring it stays secure and well-draped.

4. Pallu: The Art of Draping

  • Tip: If managing an open pallu is challenging, opt for a pinned pallu.
  • Solution: Pinning the pallu can help keep it in place and reduce the worry of it coming undone.

Saree wearing can be a delightful experience even for beginners with the right guidance. Shilpa Tolani's tips on footwear, saree material, petticoats, and pallu draping are designed to make the process more accessible and enjoyable. By following these suggestions, beginners can confidently step into the world of sarees and embrace their elegance with ease and comfort.

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