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Fashion Hack by Megha Seehra: Convert a Shirt into a Knot Blouse in Seconds

Megha Seehra shares a quick and easy hack to turn your shirt into a fabulous knot blouse in just three steps.

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Fashion Hack by Megha Seehra: Convert a Shirt into a Knot Blouse in Seconds

Photo Credit: Megha Seehra Instagram

  • Megha Seehra fashion content creator and a fragrance enthusiast
  • She shares a fashion hack to conver shirt into knot blouse
  • Try out this simple and see transform your attire in matter of minutes

Ever found yourself wanting to jazz up a plain shirt without much effort? Megha Seehra, a fashion content creator and fragrance enthusiast, has a simple yet stylish hack to transform your everyday shirt into a chic knot blouse. Curious to know how you can elevate your outfit in just a few moments? Read on to discover Megha's easy three-step method and see your attire transform in a matter of minutes!

Step 1: Overlay the Sides

Begin by buttoning up your shirt as you normally would. Then, take the bottom corners of your shirt and cross them over each other, so the fabric overlaps. This initial overlay sets the foundation for your knot blouse, ensuring it has a neat and fashionable look.

Step 2: Pinch the Fabric from Inside

With the sides overlaid, reach inside the shirt from the bottom and pinch the fabric where the sides overlap. This step is crucial as it gathers the material needed to form the knot. Make sure to hold the fabric securely to prevent it from slipping as you move on to the next step.

Step 3: Secure with a Rubber Band

Finally, take a rubber band and wrap it around the pinched section of the fabric. Twist the rubber band around multiple times until the knot feels secure and tight. Adjust the knot as needed to ensure it sits comfortably and looks stylish. The rubber band will keep the knot in place, giving you a trendy knot blouse in just seconds.

With Megha Seehra's easy-to-follow hack, you can effortlessly convert a plain shirt into a stylish knot blouse. This quick transformation is perfect for giving your outfit an instant upgrade without any sewing or complicated steps. Try out this simple hack and enjoy a fabulous new look in a matter of minutes!

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