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Exclusive: Fashion Chit-Chat Featuring Sana Grover

"Comfort should be the top-most priority whenever choosing an outfit or clothing accessories," says Sana Grover.
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Fashion Chit-Chat Featuring Sana Grover

Photo Credit: Sana Grover Instagram

  • Sana Grover has opened up about her fashion choices
  • Sana: Overdoing will not take your fashion from zero to the top
  • "Wear what you love and not what others love," says Sana

Sana Grover is the ultimate fashion queen. This diva keeps her followers hooked with her fashion tips and glamorous photoshoots. In an exclusive and delightful conversation, Sana Grover has talked about her captivating fashion game, trends, her favorite fashion brand, and much more. Read here the edited excerpts from the insightful chit-chat. 

What's your go-to fashion piece for an effortless yet stylish look?  No matter how expensive or stylish your clothes are, if they're not comfortable then they're never going to keep you sane throughout the day. My go-to fashion piece for an effortless yet stylish look is a basic crop top and a pair of trousers or a short kurta with breathable pants. That's comfortable and effortlessly stylish. 

One fashion trend you're currently obsessed with?

Recently I was going through a blog post from Vogue where they said 2023 is all about 90's simplicity, bohemian clothing attires, and bold colour combinations making a comeback. The first two are my go-to fashion choices. I love the boho look a lot, my jewellery collection has most of the boho pieces and the 90's look is very close to my heart. I believe here my Nani has had a big influence on me when it comes to the retro look. Vintage or retro fashion mixed with a modern touch is one of the fashion trends I am currently obsessed with. 

Your favourite fashion designer or brand? One brand close to my heart is Dior. I was doing my Masters in London when I happened to take a trip to Paris where I saw the iconic White Saddle Bag from Dior. Needless to say, I was obsessed with it. As a student, I was on a budget but I was so in love with the bag that I started saving up for it. I finally gifted it to myself as my graduation gift and ever since Dior has been my favourite all thanks to this special memory. 

The most underrated accessory you believe everyone should have? 

An underrated accessory for me would be sunglasses. It's not only a fashion accessory but also a necessity. Wear them as they're supposed to be worn or use them as a headband when need be - super versatile! 

High heels or comfy sneakers? 

As I said, comfort should be the top-most priority whenever choosing an outfit or clothing accessories. So, without an inch of doubt, comfy sneakers will be my go-to. Comfy sneakers are also very versatile. They go with all outfits from jeans to dresses and even underneath your Lehengas sometimes. 

Describe your style in three words.

Subtle: I gravitate towards fashion that embodies understated elegance. I believe that sometimes, less is more, and I enjoy showcasing outfits and accessories that have a refined simplicity. 

Romantic: One of the key elements of my style is a touch of romanticism. I adore silhouettes and patterns that give off a sense of romance, whether it's through flowing dresses, soft color palettes, or intricate floral designs. 

Versatile: My wardrobe is extremely versatile. It allows me to get the most out of my wardrobe and feel confident in various settings. Not only does this help me save money by making the most of my existing clothing but also encourages creativity in styling. By promoting versatility, I try to empower my audience to make sustainable fashion choices while expressing their unique style. Whether they are looking for everyday outfit ideas or outfit suggestions for special events, versatility is a cornerstone of my fashion philosophy. 

 A fashion rule you love to break? 

“Stay trendy!” - I hate this rule in all honesty. I have said this multiple times, “follow trends, but never blindly”. There might be a top that was much in trend in 2014, like cold shoulder tops, but now not so much. Similarly, there are various trends that come and go but there are fashion statements that come in and stay throughout, also known as timeless fashion. They stand the test of time. Classic fashion pieces like a slip dress, monochromatic colours, or a classic silk saree were there, are there, and will be there throughout. Always go for fashion items that stand the test of time. 

What's your favourite season for fashion and why? 

Spring and Autumn are my favourite fashion seasons. Spring because you feel so fresh, so floral, I mean along with the weather, you too are blooming inside. And you can go with outfits that are very subtle in colour and have floral prints going all over. Autumn or fall because that's the best time to layer your outfits, without putting on too much. It's windy enough for you to layer up your outfits with a coat but of course, it's not too chilly to burden yourself with hefty woollen garments. So, these 2 are my favourite fashion seasons of all time.

One fashion item you can't leave the house without? 

Mascara is that one fashion item that I can never leave the house without. I am not that great with lip colours or eyeliners but mascara takes my simple look to something that makes it look like I have put in so much effort to get myself ready but in reality, it's the mascara that's working the magic here. 

Vintage or modern fashion? 

I might sound too diplomatic but if I am being very honest, for me, it's vintage with a little touch of modernity. The reason is, that vintage fashion always attracts attention no matter the occasion. It's a fashion sense that has truly stood the test of time, but we cannot just go overboard with the vintage looks and skip today's fashion altogether. So for example, if you love a vintage dress go for it but make sure you add a belt around your waist that will give the dress the appropriate modern look. That's how you can wear what you love and also keep up with the current fashion scape. 

Top fashion tip for boosting confidence? 

Wear what you love and not what others love. It's your body and it's your fashion sense. Why borrow, when you can have one for yourself? I always keep talking about different body types on my YouTube channel and I have talked about how we all have different body types and how different silhouettes are suited for different body types. For example, hourglass body types can look all dolled up in a body-hugging dresses, while a pear-shaped body will steal the show in a waterfall or a gathered dress. So, wearing what you love and what suits your body type is my top fashion tip for boosting confidence. 

The best fashion-related advice you've ever received? 

Keep it simple. I believe overdoing will not take your fashion from zero to the top, rather it will be a full fop show. For example, if you're wearing ethnic dresses, avoid wearing a jhumka and a neckpiece together, rather go with one. If you have a minimal design on the neckline, go with a neckpiece, but if there is heavy work going all over your neckline, then skip the neckpiece and just go with jhumkas. In the same way, when it comes to Western outfits, don't indulge in bundles of accessories like earrings, pendants, finger rings, bracelets, or watches, rather go with a dainty earring, a simple one-line pendant, and maybe a watch, or a bracelet and you're good to go. 

What's your signature colour to wear? 

If you've seen me or have seen my channel, pastels are my go-to. I love pastel colours all around me. I just got my room renovated and it's pastel all over. Talking about my signature colour, it's beige. From outfits to my studio room to my walk-in wardrobe, and even in my bedroom, I love beige going all over. I believe beige is a very versatile colour as it can go with any colour combination, black, white, literally any colour. 

Describe the outfit that makes you feel most empowered. 

A simple black dress. I think a simple black dress not only makes you feel empowered but it has that little touch of sophistication. The best part about the black dress is, it's so effortless yet chic and you can wear it at any hour of the day. I believe black is a colour that suits every skin colour and body type and as women, black not only makes us feel empowered but it also elevates our aura wherever we go. 

A fashion trend from the past you'd love to see make a comeback? 

I believe high-wasted jeans were very much in fashion a decade ago but it has somehow lost their vibrancy in the present era. I'd love to see them make a comeback. Especially, since I have a pear-shaped body type, high-waisted jeans or pants, are a staple in my wardrobe simply because of how comfortable and flattering they are. 

How do you balance comfort and style in your outfits? 

I have an easy 2-step process to do this. Consider your body type and colour palette. 

• Body Type: The first and foremost step in curating a fashionable and comfortable outfit is understanding your unique body type. Each of us has a distinct physique, and the key is to select clothing that accentuates our strengths and complements our proportions. You could be an apple, pear, hourglass, rectangle, or inverted triangle. It's important to have knowledge of your body type. This step lays the foundation for a flattering and confidence-boosting look. Whatever outfits you pick based on your body type ought to be comfortable as they're made exclusively for your body shape. 

• Colour Palette: Once you've assessed your body type, the next crucial aspect to address is your preferred colour palette. Colour choices are deeply personal, and they can significantly impact the overall vibe of your outfit. By aligning your colour preferences with your clothing, you not only showcase your individual style but also make sure that the colours harmonize with your complexion and personal taste. This is the way I make sure there's balance in my outfits and they look stylish yet are super comfortable. 

Share a fashion hack that everyone should know. 

Keep belts handy. Well-tailored clothes are always in but if you're someone who loves oversized fits, the best way to elevate your look is with belts. Wearing it around your baggy clothing items can change the overall aesthetic of your outfit. Plus belts look good on almost all occasions - be it a cocktail party or a formal event.

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