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Exclusive: 'Deepika Padukone's Cannes Looks Are Iconic,' Says Rahi Chadda

Rahi Chadda shares his Cannes Film Festival experiences, advice, and thoughts on influencer culture in an exclusive interview with WhosThat360.

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Exclusive: 'Deepika Padukone's Cannes Looks Are Iconic,' Says Rahi Chadda

Photo Credit: Rahi Chadda's Instagram

  • The Indian supermodel, Rahi Chadda, is making waves at Cannes
  • His take on influencer culture & advice for first-time attendees
  • His memorable moments from the festival

He owns the red carpet like no other, a regular at fashion week, and the first brown male ambassador for Dior Beauty. We're talking about Rahi Chadda, the lawyer-turned-fashion model and social media influencer, who is making waves at the Cannes Film Festival once again, with his looks generating immense buzz. In an exclusive conversation with WhosThat360, Rahi Chadda shares his experience of being at the festival, discusses the influencer phenomenon, and offers a message for those attending the festival for the first time.

How has your experience at Cannes evolved over the years? Have you noticed any changes or trends in the film industry?

As someone who has been to Cannes a few times now, I have had the great opportunity to see it changing year upon year. I have seen it grow to where it is now. The films being screened are from around the world, so it is only right that we celebrate talent from around the world too. The festival has also become an important platform to talk about issues of social importance, and advocating for important and necessary changes in the industry. It has now opened its doors to include people from diverse backgrounds, and is truly now a worldwide gathering of the best minds in art and film. 

As someone who has attended the festival multiple times, what advice would you give to first-time attendees?

The best advice I have to give first-time attendees is to just live in the moment while you're there. It is an honour and privilege to be at Cannes, and it is important to engage meaningfully with the film and fashion at the festival. 

Can you share any memorable moments from your previous Cannes experiences?

Any moments that I get to spend with the Dior Beauty family, and catching up with friends from the industry are always fun and memorable moments for me. 

One myth about the Cannes Film Festival you would like to break?

Something people might have heard is that selfies are banned on the red carpet. But they're not banned, just discouraged. It used to be that people were turned away at the doors of the theater if they were caught taking selfies, but I haven't heard of that happening in a long time, so maybe times are changing at Cannes! 

Have you noticed any changes in the representation or diversity of films and filmmakers at the festival?

Definitely! Especially this year, I know that there are quite a few Indian films set to be screened, including Payal Kapadia's 'All We Imagine As Light'. There's also a Bulgarian film by director Konstantin Bojanov, which is set in India and features Indian actors. So I have definitely noticed an increase in films and filmmakers that come from beyond just Western Europe and the United States. 

What's your favourite part about attending Cannes?

As a content creator, and as someone who has a lot of interest in fashion and beauty, my favourite part of attending Cannes is seeing all the looks on the red carpet at the festival. There is nothing better than seeing an iconic look in person, before everyone sees it online. Getting caught up in getting ready, and really just being around the iconic styles and looks is my favourite part. 

If you had to name one someone who consistently masters the Cannes red carpet looks, who comes to mind?

There are a couple! I think Deepika Padukone always kills at any red carpet, but her Cannes looks are iconic. Her tiger print Sabyasachi sari is one of my favorites. I also think Bella Hadid and Timothée Chalamet pull out some amazing looks at their carpets. Cannes is really a time to be daring with your outfits, and I think the attendees pull out all the stops for their red carpet looks. 

You started your journey around 2015; since then, you have come a long way. How do you look at the industry that has evolved over the years?

Reflecting from where I started in 2015, switching over from law to content creation was a big move for me, and I really did not know where it would take me. Today, looking at the industry I can see that we have made so many positive changes in terms of diversity and inclusion. The lines have blurred over time, and really anyone can make it big if their content reflects truth and honesty, and if it is truly interesting and fun for people to watch. 

What are your thoughts on influencer culture and social media today? 

Similarly, I think influencer culture and social media have really become such a big part of our daily lives. I think brands and influencers need each other to thrive, and finding a partnership that makes sense personally and professionally can be so fulfilling. Like my partnership with Dior Beauty for example, being a global beauty ambassador really motivates me to pursue my content further, and it gives me that validation that my content is what people want to see. 

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