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Elevate Your Office Style: Aftab Kasmani's Top Formal Color Combinations

Discover the perfect color combinations for your formal attire as suggested by fashion influencer Aftab Kasmani.

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Elevate Your Office Style: Aftab Kasmani's Top Formal Color Combinations

Photo Credit: Aftab Kasmani Instagram

  • Aftab Kasmani, a fashion influencer
  • He shares three formal color combinations
  • Color combinations that you should definitely try for your formal outfit

Fashion influencer Aftab Kasmani recently shared some ideal color combinations for formal attire. These combinations aim to upgrade your office look, making you stand out in the office with beauty and style. Let's take a look at these trendy pairs that will undoubtedly upgrade your formal wardrobe.

1. White + Olive

The combination of white and olive is an immortal work of art. A fresh white shirt matched with olive pants makes a clean, professional look that oozes confidence. This matching isn't just flexible but also adds a bit of modernity to your office attire. Whether you're heading to a business meeting or a casual day at the office, white and olive will keep you looking sharp and clean.

2. Navy + Grey

Navy and grey are one more winning mix for formal wear. The profound, rich tones of navy complement the subtle elegance of grey, making a complex and balanced outfit. A navy shirt with grey pants can make a strong statement. This combination is ideally suited for the people who want to maintain a professional appearance while adding a touch of depth and interest to their outfit.

3. Blue + Beige

Blue and beige are a refreshing combination that carries a bit of warmth to formal wear. A light blue shirt with beige pants offers a delicate yet stylish look. This matching is great for the warmer months, giving a light and airy feel while as yet keeping a professional edge. Blue and beige together can light up your office wardrobe, giving you a sophisticated yet approachable appearance.

With minimal effort, you can improve your office look by including these color combinations into your formal attire. The ideas provided by Aftab Kasmani are ideal for anyone looking to add flair to their look without compromising professionalism. Try out these combinations to see how they can change the appearance of your office look.

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