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Ankush Bahuguna's Guide: 6 Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

Discover 6 cosmetic techniques for elderly skin in Ankush Bahuguna's reel, including moisturising, BB cream, and gracefully aging.
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Ankush Bahuguna's Guide: 6 Makeup Tips for Mature Skin

Photo Credit: Ankush Bahuguna Instagram

  • Expert makeup tips for mature skin
  • Emphasis on moisturizing and choosing the right products
  • Ankush's message of embracing the beauty of aging

Ankush Bahuguna's recent Instagram post, titled "6 makeup tips for mature skin," reveals how to get a flawless makeup look that accentuates the attractiveness of mature skin. Ankush has you covered if you want to overhaul your beauty routine while also celebrating your age.

Foundation for Mature Skin Makeup

Ankush begins by emphasizing the significance of a properly moisturized canvas. Hydration is essential, and he suggests using hydrating or plumping primers to provide a smooth background for makeup.

Lighten Up: Using BB Cream Instead of Full Coverage Foundation

Ankush recommends using a BB cream instead of a thick, full-coverage foundation. Thicker formulations tend to emphasise fine lines and wrinkles, whilst BB creams produce a more natural and young appearance.

Tricks for Defining and Lifting the Eyes

Ankush suggests tightlining instead of applying eyeliner to define the eyes without taking up valuable lid space. A half-winged eyeliner on the outside corners does wonders for creating a lifted look.

Eyeshadow Options to Brighten and Open Mature Eyes

Dark eyeshadows, according to Ankush, might make eyes appear smaller. Instead, use lighter eyeshadows to draw attention to your eyes. Use a light shade on the eyelid and a medium shade in the crease.

Blush Over Contour: Adding Youth and Freshness

Ankush advises using a delicate hand when contouring your face, as too much might age your appearance. Instead, embrace a youthful flush with blush to add radiance to your skin.

The Powder Dilemma: A Gentle Approach to Makeup Setting

Powder, according to Ankush, should be used sparingly. A thin dusting of setting powder offers a natural look without drying out mature skin.

Ankush's Encouragement for Ageing Gracefully

Ankush closes with an encouraging message: aging is the most natural thing, and wrinkles are nothing to be ashamed of. His cosmetic tips honour the beauty that comes with the passage of time.

Incorporate Ankush's professional advice into your cosmetic routine, and watch your older skin glow with confidence and grace.


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