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How To Please Planets To Enhance Your Luck: Astrological Remedies By Jai Madaan

Jai Madaan shares astrological tips to please planets.

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How To Please Planets To Enhance Your Luck: Astrological Remedies By Jai Madaan

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Wandering how to make your planets strong? Dr. Jai Madaan, known for her expertise in astrology has shared interesting tips on how to balance your planets. Our hand signifies different planets in various places and so by activating our palm with relevant elements, we can energize the planets towards favoring us with positive results.

Here are the ways how you make each planet work in your favor:

Chanting The Vishnu Mantra Strengthens Jupiter:

For power, better insight, and reputation, rub turmeric (haldi) in circular order on the mount below your index finger.

Use of Shiva's Vibhooti:

For building focus in kids, rub Shiv ji's vibhooti on the closed end of the middle finger.

How To Get Rid Of Governmental Issues?

To sail through governmental issues, rub flour mixed with water below the ring finger.

Way to Better Communication:

For better communication skills, rub tulsi leaves on the mount below the little finger.

How to Achieve Emotional Balance?

To attain emotional balance, make a Swastik with milk on the lower-right amount of the palm.

Sindoor & Willpower Connection:

Dot the corners of your central palm with sindoor. This will strengthen willpower.

Shri Lakshmi Matra for Luxury:

For luxury, romance, and love, with cow's desi ghee, make a Swastik on the left - lower mount of the palm. Also, chant Sri Lakshmi ji's mantra.

About the Influencer:

Renowned lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, astrologer, and Vastu expert Dr. Jai Madaan has about 12 years of experience. She has helped many Individuals, Industrialists, and Corporations with her specialized counseling for problems related to Health, Wealth, Job, Career, Marital issues, and Material success. 

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