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Struggles With Packing? Aakanksha Monga Shares Amazing Hacks

Aakanksha Monga's suitcase-packing hacks are surely a great beat for travel lovers. Take notes!

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Struggles With Packing? Aakanksha Monga Shares Amazing Hacks

Photo Credit: Aakanksha Monga Instagram

  • Aakanksha Monga is a popular travel influencer
  • She has shared suitcase-packing hacks
  • Aakanksha Monga travel hacks are worth giving a try

Packing suitcases is an art, as not many know how to do it efficiently to carry more items. The popular travel influencer Aakanksha Monga has shared some great suitcase packing hacks that one can try for their next journey, helping to eliminate the usual chaos of packing. Aakanksha Monga, who was recently featured in Forbes Magazine, has a passion for travel and consistently shares travel-related content on her Instagram page. This recent reel from Aakanksha Monga is sure to be useful for many who wish to pack more efficiently while on the go.

How to Army Roll Your Apparel

It's high time you gave up on folding and piling clothes on top of each other. Aakanksha Monga recommends organizing clothes using the 'army roll' method.

Hoodies: Fold the hood backward and arrange the sleeves. Align the armholes against each other without incorporating the sleeves. Fold the neck part, then the bottom part to form three folds. Take the sleeves of the hoodie, tuck them inside the folded part, and your hoodie is ready to go into the suitcase.

T-shirts: Fold the sleeves of the T-shirt, then fold the bottom part. Start rolling the T-shirt from the neck to the folded part, and your rolled T-shirt is ready.

Jeans: Fold the waist of the jeans outward until the pockets, then arrange the leg sleeves on top of each other and fold them to the waist. To secure the roll, unfold the waist and secure the jean roll.

These cool packing tricks work for all types of clothes, be they big or small.

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