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Mystical Wonders of India: Tushar Verma's Guide to Enigmatic Destinations

Tushar Verma introduces four intriguing and mysterious Indian destinations.

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Mystical Wonders of India: Tushar Verma's Guide to Enigmatic Destinations

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  • Tushar Verma unveils 4 enigmatic Indian spots
  • Jodhpur's motorbike shrine
  • Mahabalipuram's gravity-defying boulder adds to the intrigue

Tushar Verma shares four intriguing and mysterious places in India that should be on your must-visit list. First up, in Sikkim, there's a stunning lake nestled at a jaw-dropping 18,000 feet. What's unique about it? Well, even during the harshest winter, when all the other lakes freeze over, this one remains partially unfrozen—a mystical blessing from ancient sages.

Tushar Verma's Travel Guide:

Next, in Jodhpur, there's an unusual shrine dedicated to a motorbike. The legend goes that Om Banna, the bike's rider, met with a tragic accident and passed away. Despite the cops confiscating the bike and chaining it, it kept mysteriously returning to the accident spot, even with an empty fuel tank.

Heading to the border of India and China in Tawang, you'll discover a majestic waterfall protected by the Indian army. What makes it mysterious? Despite countless attempts to trace its source, it remains elusive. The water from this fall is believed to have healing properties and serves as a captivating sight for all who visit.

Lastly, in the town of Mahabalipuram, there's Krishna's Butterball, a massive boulder that defies gravity. It sits perched on a slope, refusing to budge even when tugged by a team of 12 elephants. These four places offer a glimpse into India's fascinating and enigmatic side, making them perfect destinations for the adventurous traveler.

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