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India's Top 5 Summer Destinations for Holidays

Meghna Jaswal, a travel influencer, shares her itinerary and explores India's top 5 destinations for summer and monsoon.

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India's Top 5 Summer Destinations for Holidays

Photo Credit: Meghna Jaswal Instagram

  • Meghna Jaswal is a travel influencer
  • Shares her top-5 summer and monsoon destination
  • Checkout the list here

As the summer heat sets in with hot waves, people start finding the perfect destination to beat the summer heat. But for most people, it can be an unsettling task. So, here you have not to worry about searching for the perfect visiting destination. Megha Jaswal, a well-known travel influencer highlights some beautiful destinations in india. These places are a paradise for nature lovers, offering adventurous mountains, lush landscapes, spiritual recoil and thrilling adventures. So, without any delay let's explore these places.

Auli: It is in Chamoli district in the himalayan mountains of Uttarakhand, India. Auli is also known as Bugyal and is located at an elevation of 2800 meter above sea level. This place is covered with beautiful mountains and offers a beautiful nanda devi mountain view. In winter, this hill station hosts several snow adventure events.

Cherrapunji: Cherrapunji is located in Meghalaya, India. This place offers a beautiful and scenic nature view. Along with this, Cherrapunji is an attractive tourist destination known for its rich culture, beautiful landscapes, charming waterfalls, lush greenery and remarkable living root bridges. 

Kanatal: Kanatal, an underrated and small village in uttarakhand, India. It is covered with beautiful mountains and known for its cold air. This place is 50 km away from Massorie. You can also visit Goddess Surkanda devi temple, known for its mysterious and beautiful architecture. 

Doodhpathri: Doodhpathri means valley of milk is a tourist destination and hill station in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is located at a height of 8,957 ft from sea level. Here, Doodhpatri waterfall is the main highlighted and attractive place for tourists. This waterfall flows through rocks and seems like milk.  

Spiti Valley: This valley is an Indian heaven located in Himachal Pradesh, India. This place attracts visitors from across the globe for its uneven landscape and ancient religious community. It is also known as cold desert, because of its high-altitude geological location. It is set at an altitude of 14000 ft above sea level.

All these places set a benchmark for travel lovers. These mind and soul refreshing places allow tourists that they can take with them many memorable moments. Also without Meghna guidance it becomes too difficult to find such beautiful places.

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