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Grief Reflections: Kusha Kapila's Post Draws Reactions from Masaba Gupta and Pulkit Samrat

Kusha Kapila's heartfelt reflection on grief garners touching responses from Masaba Gupta, Pulkit Samrat, and others.

Kusha Kapila Instagram,Kusha Kapila

Grief Reflections: Kusha Kapila's Post Draws Reactions from Masaba Gupta and Pulkit Samrat

Photo Credit: Kusha Kapila Instagram

  • Kusha Kapila's post on grief
  • Masaba Gupta and Pulkit Samrat offer support
  • Comment section filled with vulnerable confessions

It has been over a month since the announcement of their separation, which surprised the public. In an unexpected twist of events, the news of Kusha Kapila and Zorawar's parting ways left many astonished. Despite the circumstances, Kusha and Zorawar have chosen to uphold a dignified silence, displaying remarkable strength and standing by each other during this trying phase. A recent social media post by Kusha Kapila has resonated deeply, shedding light on the complexities of grief and capturing the hearts of many.

"I Guess Chest Days Feel Like This," wrote Kusha Kapila.

The post, shared on a Sunday evening, bears a profound introspection message as Kusha digs into her emotions. The caption, "Let's file this under 'Sunday evenings are the worst,'" provides a glimpse into the depth of her sentiments during this phase of separation.

Kusha eloquently expresses, "It's a weird thing, this grief or whatever version of it I am currently experiencing. As overcome I am by its heaviness - I guess chest days feel like this - I am also strangely dwarfed by it, to the point of feeling like an injured nail on a pinky toe. Almost like a big bang in motion, only it's on a microscope slide."

She shares, "Is this a forever thing? Like a 90s vaccination scar on the upper left arm? Or was it right? Will we grow to like each other or will learn to co-exist like cordial roommates till our rent agreement expires? No renewal for me, please."

Masaba Gupta and Pulkit Samrat Offers Support

Masaba Gupta, the famous designer, offers her empathy and reassurance, saying, "It gets better K. It really does. Been there done that." Actor Pulkit Samrat shares his perspective, encouraging a journey of self-discovery within grief, "Grief stays, but it changes.. it definitely changes and you come out as a more compassionate, loving, and caring soul!"

Kusha's candid post not only sparked wisdom and strength from public figures but also stirred a sense of community among her followers. Messages of vulnerability poured in from individuals sharing their encounters with grief in the comments section.

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