Did Uorfi Javed Take an Indirect Dig at Sara Ali Khan & Alia Bhatt?

Uorfi Javed calls out celebs for pretending to be middle-class on social media.

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Did Uorfi Javed Take an Indirect Dig at Sara Ali Khan & Alia Bhatt?

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  • Uorfi Javed's indirect dig at Alia Bhatt & Sara Ali Khan?
  • Uorfi: Celebs pretend on social media
  • Netizens react

Popular social media influencer Uorfi Javed often makes headlines for her bizarre fashion & controversial statements. Now, she is again trending all over the internet. And the reason is, Javed has called out rich celebrities for pretending to be middle-class. Her statement leads to several assumptions by the netizens and they mentioned that she is taking indirect at Sara Ali Khan & Alia Bhatt. 

Uorfi Takes Indirect Dig at Sara Ali Khan & Alia Bhatt?

In an exclusive conversation with Instant Bollywood, she was questioned about the things that irritate her on social media, to which she replied, “When celebrities, these rich celebrities pretend that they had a very middle-class or poor upbringing. It irritates me to the core. We know you are rich. ‘Hum bilkul middle class the, humne kabhi first-class fly nahi kiya, hum economy fly karte the.' Arey humne kabhi plane nahi dekha tha yaar. Tum kaisi baatein kar rahe ho yaar. When rich celebrities act like middle class, they so want to relate to the audience ki ‘main gareeb thi'. Or even celebrities act middle class right now, ki main kharcha nahi karti, main kanjoos hun, toh kyu hi kama rahi ho, natak pasand nahi hai mujhe. Just be yourself.” 

Video Goes Viral:

This chunk of the video goes viral on social media. And netizens on Reddit commented that she is referring to Sara Ali Khan and Alia Bhatt in this. 

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