Counting Down to WhosNext 2023: Reasons We Can't Wait!

Know more about the excitement surrounding WhosNext 2023, from discovering National Talent Hunt winners to experiencing the glamour of the inaugural awards night.
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Counting Down to WhosNext 2023: Reasons We Can't Wait!

  • WhosNext 2023: Inaugural awards night excitement
  • A glamorous evening with the best in the creators' business
  • A night to celebrate and recognize outstanding talent

Ever since the announcement of NDTV and WhosThat360 presenting the WhosNext 2023 National Talent Hunt and Influencers awards, the creators' community has been buzzing with excitement. Here are the reasons why we are eagerly looking forward to this extraordinary event.

1. Announcement of National Talent Hunt Winners: With so many talented entries, we were stunned by the massive response from creators for the National Talent Hunt, and finally, we will get to know the winners in different categories. Now, isn't that enough excitement? After closely watching the talent of so many creators who wholeheartedly participated, witnessing their dreams come true is going to be legendary!

2. Inaugural Awards Night Excitement: Firsts are always special, and the inaugural WhosNext 2023 awards promise an unforgettable evening. The excitement, nervousness, and months of hard work culminating in a single night make it a truly remarkable and thrilling experience.

3. The Glamorous Night: Picture this – the who's who of the industry gathered under one roof. It's not just an awards night; it's a glamorous affair. The prospect of witnessing the best in the business together, adorned in glamour, glitz, and high fashion, adds an extra layer of excitement.

4. A Night to Recognize Talent: Whether it's applauding the National Talent winners or honouring influencers for their creativity, WhosNext 2023 will be a night dedicated to celebrating the incredible talent our country has to offer.

As the countdown to WhosNext 2023 begins, stay tuned to our website and social media channels. We'll soon be unveiling the nominations and categories, and you wouldn't want to miss out on the excitement!


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