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  • Alia Bhatt Heaps Praises on Malhar Kalambe for 'BeachPleaseIndia' Initiative

Alia Bhatt Heaps Praises on Malhar Kalambe for 'BeachPleaseIndia' Initiative

Alia Bhatt supports Malhar Kalambe's 'BeachPleaseIndia' Initiative

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Alia Bhatt Heaps Praises on Malhar Kalambe for 'BeachPleaseIndia' Initiative

Photo Credit: Instagram

  • Malhar Kalambe's BeachPleaseIndia Initiative
  • BeachPleaseIndia has recently conducted a clean-up drive
  • Alia Bhatt supports the initiative

Alia Bhatt, known for her unwavering advocacy for environmental sustainability, has recently extended her support to Malhar Kalambe's 'Beach Please India' initiative. Alia Bhatt, who founded the organization "Coexist" to promote environmental and animal welfare, has consistently used her platform to raise awareness about critical ecological issues.

In her latest endeavor, Alia Bhatt's foundation, Coexist, partnered with “Beach Please India” to conduct a beach cleanup drive. This collaboration highlights their shared commitment to preserving India's beaches, thus promoting green initiatives.

Alia Bhatt Supports Malhar Kalambe's Initiative:

Leveraging her influential social media presence, Alia Bhatt shared an Instagram story highlighting the significance of beach preservation and urging her fans to join the Beach Please India movement. The story featured a striking video of a beach cleanup accompanied by the message: "Our beaches are our treasures; let's keep them clean and beautiful!" This initiative aligns seamlessly with Alia's ongoing efforts to promote environmental sustainability.


Photo Credit: Instagram

"It makes me happy to see Alia share our work on her story.,” stated Malhar Kalambe, founder of Beach Please India. “This will definitely get us more reach and support including volunteers for our campaign. And I'm very eager to host Alia at one of our clean-up drives very soon.”

Alia Bhatt's endorsement has not only increased the visibility of this vital cause but also motivated millions of her followers to take proactive steps toward beach conservation. Her consistent dedication to environmental issues has played a crucial role in driving public engagement and participation in the movement.

This collaboration showcases the impact of committed individuals working together to create positive environmental change. Alia Bhatt's continuous support for initiatives like Beach Please India demonstrates the power of social media in raising awareness and inspiring action for essential environmental causes.

About Malhar Kalambe:

Malhar Kalambe is a passionate environmental advocate and the visionary founder of Beach Please India, a dynamic initiative dedicated to environmental betterment through volunteer engagement. Driven by a profound commitment to combat plastic pollution and champion conservation, Malhar has tirelessly worked to elevate public consciousness around ecological issues.

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