Your Journey, Your Triumph: Breaking Free From Comparison

Explore the beauty of your originality. Appreciate your will and release an impactful energy of happiness and positivity.
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Your Journey, Your Triumph: Breaking Free From Comparison

Photo Credit: Sadhguru Instagram

  • Unleash your inner potential
  • How to stop overthinking and comparing
  • How to live life unfettered

In today's generation, comparing oneself is what we do. Don't we think, comparing makes things more chaotic? Every individual has its own uniqueness and identity. With this reference, let's get into the question of 'Why do we compare ourselves?'. When we see any great skill in someone or something that excites us, we usually keep thinking and paying attention to the same. Ever thought, Why? 

Sadhguru's Profound Wisdom:

Everyone holds a certain distinctiveness. Everyone is made and created differently, still, we want a common factor among us, and we call it 'perfection'. According to our great spiritual leader, Sadhguru, 'If you want to be better than someone, then that's a big problem'. How can you create the same version of yourself? Could you live with a person who is just like you? The answer is obvious 'No'. Human experience in life is not determined by what others think about you or what kind of perceptions they have. You can only get an experience when you analyze the things as per your worthiness. Unleash your inner potential by focusing on yourself. Despite thinking of others, you can work on yourself and build up your identity by fulfilling all your commitments. 

Accept your rareness, and start investing in yourself.  Focus on the upcoming and be bold to revert. Include discipline, dedication, and determination in your everyday diet. Become a master of your will and don't stop. Appreciate yourself for not being like others. Your view is your personality

In summary, as our beloved Sadhguru says, apply that. Accept the fact that you're phenomenal in whatever you do. The things you do, think, act, and apply show your identity. The life you're living is someone's dream, so appreciate it. 

Be the real version of yourself! Stay happy, stay cool.