Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha's Reel Sparks Conversation on Skin Colour Discrimination

Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha's enlightening reel on Instagram highlights the issue of colour discrimination in society.
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Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha's Reel Sparks Conversation on Skin Colour Discrimination

Photo Credit: Abhi&Niyu Instagram

  • Abhiraj points out the influence of pop culture
  • He revealed a story of how he faced prejudice at a young age
  • He emphasizes the need to challenge and eliminate these biases

In an insightful Instagram reel, Abhiraj Rajadhyaksha from the Instagram page Abhi & Niyu shed light on the persisting issue of colour discrimination in our society.

Abhiraj shared a childhood picture of himself with his fair-skinned mother, highlighting how he experienced prejudice at a young age due to his dark skin tone. He recalled instances when his teacher questioned why he was dark despite having a fair-skinned mother. It serves as a deep reminder that discrimination based on skin colour still exists.

One of the reasons Abhiraj identified this discrimination is the influence of pop culture. In movies and films, fair skin is often associated with the hero, while dark skin is portrayed as a characteristic of the villain. Additionally, media advertisements and commercials often showcase the path toward success by getting fair.

To combat these prejudices, Abhiraj emphasized the need to address and eliminate them from our minds. Addressing and eliminating these existing biases that support this discrimination is essential.

Abhiraj's insightful reel encourages viewers to reflect on their attitudes towards skin colour and actively work towards a more inclusive and accepting society. By recognizing and appreciating the beauty in all skin tones, we can contribute to a world where no one faces discrimination based on appearance.

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Through their Instagram page, Abhi & Niyu, Abhiraj and his partner Niyati promote awareness and understanding of various social issues, urging their followers to embrace equality and concern in all aspects of life.


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