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The Real Aruna Mucherla: An Exclusive Conversation on Authenticity, Social Media, and Life

From Southern Cinema Actress to Viral Instagram Sensation. An exclusive conversation with Aruna about her journey and authenticity on social media.

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Aruna Mucherla went from a yesteryear actress to a viral Instagram sensation

  • Aruna went from a yesteryear actress to a viral Instagram sensation
  • Her authentic content has earned her a massive following on social media
  • Aruna's journey is nothing short of inspiring

Meet Aruna Mucherla, an unapologetically real and authentic Social Media Star who has taken Instagram by storm. But did you know that before she became a viral sensation, Aruna was a yesteryear actress in Southern cinema with a career spanning over 70 movies? She even won the prestigious Nandi award for her remarkable performance in the Telugu film Seethakoka Chilaka.

In this exclusive conversation, Aruna Mucherla discusses her journey from being a successful actress in Southern cinema to becoming a viral Instagram sensation. She also shares insights into her experience in the entertainment industry and how she transitioned to social media.

How has the transition been from being a yesteryear actress to becoming a popular food influencer on Instagram?

When I was an actress, people recognized me for the roles that I played and the characters that I played on screen, and now it's a little bit different because they see who I am as a person. I'm not playing a character; I'm just myself. Another great thing about being a social media influencer is that I can manage my work at home and post on Instagram, so that's been lovely.

What inspired you to start sharing your recipes online?

Growing up, my mom used to tell me about her traditional ways of cooking and living, but I didn't listen too much because I thought I knew better than her. As I got older, I understood the importance of how she lived her life and its benefits on the quality of life. So I started following her way of living. My daughters asked me to share my process on Instagram, and It grew organically from there.

They say it's a GenZ world, so how has your experience been as an experienced Influencer in a predominantly young industry?

I don't even know what Genz is. I share and make my content as if I am speaking to my children. I try sharing easy recipes because kids these days don't have much time to cook. I find it very sweet when the young kids message me or leave comments saying, 'Aunty, thank you for this recipe' or that they tried making something and that it came out well.

Your fans love your reels and find them both entertaining and informative. What's your process like for creating these videos?

There is no process, and all honestly. Whenever I am cooking or if I have an idea for a reel I want to share, I call my daughters to come and shoot, and they record me as it is. I only prepare a little, and they don't give me much chance to prepare also. They say, mumma, you have one take to say what you have to say, so we post it as it is, with mistakes and everything.

Do you have any advice for people just starting in the world of cooking or food blogging?

When I was learning to cook, I used to watch videos or read cookbooks, and I would get very frustrated when the results did not turn out like the pictures. So now, as the person making the recipes, I make sure that they are easy to follow And keep giving small tips on the way. For someone starting a food blog, think of yourself when you first started cooking and cooking and explain to that person. Keeping it simple and being yourself always works.

You have a large fan following on Instagram. How do you stay connected with your fans and build a community online?

I don't think of it as a fan following. I speak to them like how I speak to my daughters. If someone watches my videos and takes the time to ask me questions or share pics of the food they made, I should also take the time to appreciate their efforts. I try my best to reply to messages or comments as much as possible.

You've shared many recipes over the years. Do you have a personal favourite or one that's particularly special?

Not necessarily mine, but my family's favourite is Biryani. I make it every Sunday, and the whole family comes to eat it. They are not allowing me to post the recipe and have asked me to keep it a family secret. And I can't post it without them knowing also because they only shoot and edit for me, no?

What do you hope people take away from your Instagram account and the recipes you share?

Happiness and good spirit. I taught my kids to be grounded in their life and be active as much as possible. So I hope they see that as an inspiration for them as well. I feel very happy when people tell me that watching my videos makes them smile. My page shows them that you don't need perfect English, nor do you have to be young. Your heart will show in what you do if it is in the right place.

You have a unique perspective on food and cooking. How do you think the industry has changed over the years, and where do you see it going?

My perspective is not unique. It's what many generations before us have been doing. My mom used to be very familiar with earthen pots and unpolished rice & grains. It was only in my generation that we went through 'whitewashing.' Now we are slowly understanding the importance of our own culture and moving back to our roots. So that is where the future is. Most importantly, we are learning to stop being ashamed of who we are.

You've been called Instagram Granny. What's your take on that? Do you ever feel the pressure of creating constant content? How do you keep a balance between reel and real?

I am a grandmother, and I have no shame in that. I feel they are all my kids. I feel no pressure because I share small bits of my daily life. I have much more to share, and I am happy to share what I learned from my mother. I have not found the need to balance my reel and real life because I post what is real in my life, and I hope I can continue doing so for a long time.

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