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Mastering the Art of Cooking with Stainless Steel Pans: Tips from Aruna Mucherla

Digital influencer Aruna Mucherla shares her expert tips on how to use stainless steel pans for perfect cooking results.

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Mastering the Art of Cooking with Stainless Steel Pans: Tips from Aruna Mucherla

Photo Credit: Aruna Mucherla Instagram

  • Aruna Mucherla is a digital influencer
  • She shares tips on how to use stainless steel pans
  • She also shares why you should choose stainless steel over non-stick

Are you finding it tricky to use stainless steel pans effectively? Stainless steel pans are a popular choice in kitchens due to their durability and health benefits. However, they can be tricky to use if you're not familiar with them. Are you struggling to achieve perfect cooking results with your stainless steel pans? Aruna Mucherla, a digital influencer, shares her valuable tips on how to use stainless steel pans effectively. Read on to learn how to master the art of cooking with stainless steel and why it's a better choice over non-stick cookware.

How to Use Stainless Steel Pans

Follow these steps to ensure your stainless steel pan is ready for cooking.

Before you start cooking, it's essential to ensure that your stainless steel pan is evenly heated. Here's a simple trick to check if your pan is ready:

Add a Few Drops of Water:

If the water gets absorbed immediately or doesn't form a ball, your pan needs more time to heat up.

Once your pan is evenly heated, add a few drops of oil. This step ensures that your food doesn't stick and cooks evenly.

Slow Cooking with Stainless Steel

Stainless steel pans are excellent for slow cooking. To slow-cook your food, cover the pan with a lid and let it cook in its steam.

This method helps retain moisture and flavor, ensuring your dish turns out perfectly cooked and delicious.

Why Choose Stainless Steel Over Non-Stick?

Discover the benefits of stainless steel pans compared to non-stick cookware:

Non-Toxic and Chemical-Free: Unlike non-stick pans, stainless steel cookware does not contain toxic chemicals that can leach into your food. This makes it a healthier option for your kitchen.

More Durable and Resistant to Scratches: Stainless steel is more durable and resistant to scratches compared to non-stick surfaces. This means your pans will last longer, even with regular use.

Easy to Clean and Maintain: Stainless steel pans are easy to clean and maintain. They can withstand high heat and rigorous scrubbing without getting damaged, making them a practical choice for everyday cooking.

Can Be Used at High Heat: Stainless steel pans can be used at high temperatures without the risk of damaging the pan. This makes them ideal for searing, browning, and other high-heat cooking techniques.

Free from Harmful Chemicals: Stainless steel does not contain harmful chemicals like PFOA or PTFE, which are commonly found in non-stick coatings. This ensures that your food remains safe and free from potentially dangerous substances.

Cooking with stainless steel pans can be a rewarding experience once you understand how to use them properly. Aruna Mucherla's tips on heating the pan, adding oil, and slow cooking can help you achieve perfect results every time. Additionally, the numerous benefits of stainless steel over non-stick make it a healthier and more durable choice for your kitchen. Start incorporating these tips into your cooking routine and enjoy the advantages of using stainless steel pans.

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