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Glam Up Tips: "Bronzers Add Vibrancy to your Face," Says Ankush Bahuguna

Ankush Bahuguna has talked about bronzers in his latest makeup video.
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Ankush is explaining how to use bronzers perfectly in his latest video

Photo Credit: Wing It with Ankush Bahuguna's Instagram

  • Ankush Bahuguna has discussed bronzers on Instagram
  • He also mentioned how to use bronzers
  • Netizens are appreciating his hack in the comment section

Ankush Bahuguna is a social media influencer and content creator. He often shares hilarious content and makeup hacks on social media. He has talked about bronzers in his latest video.

Sharing the video, he wrote, "Bronzers add warmth and vibrancy to your face. They also help enhance your features. Yes, it's different from contour. Contours are slightly more greyish tones of brown, while bronzers are reddish shades of brown. Contours can be tricky, if applied too much can make your face look muddy, bronzers on the other hand are a lot more forgiving. They give you a sunkissed look."

He also mentioned tips for beginners. He wrote, "If you're a beginner, start with a bronzer. Bronzers can be cream & powder both. Creams are easier to use, can also be used under your makeup, powders can only be used on top of your base makeup, can be tricky to understand how much to use but are longer lasting than creams."

In the video, he explains how to use bronzers perfectly. Netizens are hailing his tips in the comment section of his post. Ankush has a huge fan following on Instagram. He keeps his followers hooked by following social media trends.