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Exclusive: Life-Changing Story Of Designer-Turned Influencer Mohammed Salman

Mohammed Salman speaks to whosthat360 about his journey exclusively.

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Exclusive: Life-Changing Story Of Designer-Turned Influencer Mohammed Salman

Photo Credit: Mohammed Salman

  • Mohammed Salman is a content creator
  • Mohd Salman: I want my content to solve problems
  • "This content creation journey has been transformative"

An interior designer turned influencer Mohammed Salman, co-founder of Tint Tone and Shade Interiors has exclusively connected with whosthat360. In this conversation, he discussed his content creation process, journey, and much more. Sharing his thoughts on trolling, he said, "I view all feedback, positive and negative, as an opportunity to learn and grow."

Here are a few edited excerpts from this insightful conversation:

How do you look back at your content creation journey?

Honestly, I'm incredibly proud of myself. As an ambivert, facing the camera used to be daunting and pressure-filled. But this content creation journey has been transformative. It's given me a huge boost in confidence, and the appreciation from viewers has been incredibly rewarding. Knowing that my content has had a positive impact on people's lives is the most fulfilling part. It's pushed me past camera fear, and I feel like a completely different person, even more responsible and driven.

Everybody is creating content these days; do you feel pressured to be in that race? What does it take to stay relevant?

To be honest, the content creation boom is actually inspiring! It's exciting to see so many people sharing their ideas. In a way, it makes things easier; there's a real sense of community and collaboration.

As for staying relevant, I focus on building a strong content library. Research helps me keep my finger on the pulse of what's trending and what interests my audience. Plus, I get a lot of direct messages from viewers, which gives me valuable insights into what they want to see more of.

While creating the content, what is your thought process?

When I'm brainstorming content, my main focus is on creating something that will be genuinely useful for people. I want my content to solve problems and make a positive impact on viewers' lives. I strive to ensure my content is original and reflects my unique voice and perspective because I feel authenticity is crucial.

How do you come up with your content creation ideas?

There are always a few interior and architecture design magazines on my desk that I glance through for inspiration. Staying curious about what's trending and what works for others sparks ideas, but I always filter it through my own lens and give a spin to it. This way, my content stays fresh and authentic.

How do you maintain a balance, manage your personal life, and create content?

Because content creation is so much fun for me, it actually doesn't feel like a chore to fit it into my schedule. I treat it more like a passion project than a separate obligation. Having a set schedule for things like posting, scripting, and engaging with viewers helps me stay organized and efficient. This way, content creation integrates seamlessly into my life without throwing things off balance.

Who is your inspiration in the content creation business?

My biggest inspiration is actually my business partner, Abu. He's been incredibly supportive and motivating throughout my content creation journey. He's a huge success himself, having grown a million-follower audience around his content on money and time management hacks – and all within just 10 months! But it's not just the numbers that impress me – it's the positive impact he has on people's lives. It's amazing to see him recognized everywhere we go.

I also draw inspiration from other creators in my niche, like Coloraza, Ridhi, and Blessedarch. They all create fantastic content that resonates with me.

How do you handle criticism or negative feedback from your audience?

I view all feedback, positive and negative, as an opportunity to learn and grow. If the feedback seems to be coming from a good place and offers constructive advice, I take the time to process it carefully. However, if it seems personal or mean-spirited, I try not to take it to heart. If there's something valuable to be learned, I'll definitely use it to improve my content. But ultimately, negativity that isn't helpful is best ignored. There's no point in letting it bring you down!

Do you have any strategies for maintaining a positive mindset in the face of online scrutiny?

It's true, negativity online can definitely take a toll. But that's when I remind myself of my amazing support system; my family and friends who are always there for me, and who will be watching my content. Knowing they're cheering me on gives me a huge boost and motivates me to deliver my best on camera, even when I'm not feeling 100% positive. After all, viewers are giving me their precious time, and I want to make it worthwhile!

One message you would like to give budding content creators.

Keep creating! Be consistent, instead of focusing on the algorithm, make your content better and more engaging. We, as creators, have a responsibility to put out high-quality content that truly benefits our audience. But most importantly, ask yourself why you're doing this. For me, it's about raising awareness and making a positive impact on people's lives. Let that purpose fuel your passion and keep you going!


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