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Saloni Gaur's Hilarious Take on Indian Mothers and Acidity

Saloni Gaur humorously explores the unique relationship between Indian mothers and acidity, highlighting their belief in the power of khichdi and other home remedies.

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Saloni Gaur's Hilarious Take on Indian Mothers and Acidity

Photo Credit: Saloni Gaur Instagram

  • Saloni Gaur is a comic content creator
  • She shares how Indian mothers and acidity are so inter-related
  • The reel is hilarious and relatable

Saloni Gaur, known for her comic content, brings laughter to her audience with a relatable reel about Indian mothers and their approach to dealing with acidity. She cleverly captures the essence of Indian households and their go-to solutions for this common ailment.

1. Khichdi: The Ultimate Remedy

According to Indian mothers, khichdi is not just a comfort food but a magical cure for acidity. Saloni humorously points out that whenever acidity strikes, the first solution is to whip up a soothing bowl of khichdi to settle the stomach.

2. The Selfless Mother

Mothers are always busy preparing meals for the family, often neglecting their needs. Saloni playfully addresses this, urging children to stop asking, "Mummy, why don't you eat something?" and acknowledge the selflessness of their mothers.

3. The Ritual of Eating After Bathing

Saloni highlights the common practice in Indian households where one must bathe before eating, especially in the morning. This ritual is believed to cleanse the body and mind before consuming food.

4. The Doctor's Dilemma

She humorously notes the confusion doctors face when advising on meal timings. While they usually recommend early meals, during illness, the focus shifts to praying and worshipping for recovery.

5. The Aloo-Gobhi Equation

In Saloni's reel, the popular dish aloo-gobhi is humorously equated to gas and acidity, a common belief in many Indian homes.

6. Cold Drinks as a Quick Fix

Saloni jests that reaching for a cold drink to alleviate acidity has become a mandatory ritual in Indian households, despite its questionable effectiveness.

7. Yoga Asanas for Relief

Lastly, she touches on the use of yoga asanas as a natural remedy for acidity, showcasing the inclination towards traditional methods for health issues.

A Light-Hearted Look at Indian Remedies

Saloni Gaur's reel offers a humorous and relatable glimpse into the Indian approach to dealing with acidity, blending traditional beliefs with modern humour. Her portrayal of Indian mothers and their trusted remedies is sure to resonate with many and bring a smile to their faces.

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