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Rising Tomato Prices Leave Consumers Worried, Highlights Saransh Goila

Renowned chef Saransh Goila creatively addressed the issue of high tomato prices through a humorous reel.
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Rising Tomato Prices Leave Consumers Worried, Highlights Saransh Goila

Photo Credit: Saransh Goila Instagram

  • He uses humor to show challenges faced by people for tomato-free dishes
  • He highlights the steep increase in tomato prices
  • Tomatoes are a key ingredient in popular dishes

Oh, the Tomato's price rise, has left citizens to decrease its usage, there are no lies. The recent surge in tomato prices has caused citizens to reduce their usage of this essential ingredient, leading to widespread concern. As tomatoes play a vital role in various dishes, the steep increase in prices, reaching as high as Rs. 120 per kilogram, has led the citizens to kneel before the surge in prices of these red fruits.

Renowned chef Saransh Goila took to social media to address the issue with a humorous yet impactful reel. In the reel, he humorously highlights how tomatoes are a staple ingredient in popular dishes such as Shahi Paneer, Pizza, Pasta, and Butter Chicken.

However, with the skyrocketing prices, it has become challenging for people to fully enjoy these beloved food items. Saransh humorously exclaims, "Namaste! Tamatar nahi hai saste! (Hello! Tomatoes are not cheap!)" and draws attention to the alarming rate of Rs. 140 per kilogram in some places. He playfully asks his followers if they are also struggling to find dishes that don't require tomatoes.

While the reel makes you laugh, it also sheds light on the significant impact of the surge in tomato prices. This everyday fruit is consumed by many people and is an essential ingredient in various dishes. People are finding it expensive to include tomatoes in their meals at the present market prices, which is causing a decline in their use.

Portraying his culinary skills as always with this reel he also shows the humorous side of him.

FAQ About Saransh Goila

Who is Saransh Goila?

Chef Saransh Goila is the youngest celebrated chef in India whose name is also listed in Forbes 2019 Celebrity 100 list. Apart from being a popular TV chef, he is also an author, entrepreneur and restaurateur.


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