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Hilarious Video Alert! If RJ Karishma's Cupboard Could Talk

RJ Karishma's recent reel conveys the anguish of any girl's cupboard in the most humorous ways.
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Hilarious Video Alert! If RJ Karishma's Cupboard Could Talk

Photo Credit: RJ Karishma Instagram

  • RJ Karishma's latest reel about "Cupboard" is uproarious
  • She humorously portrays the joys and struggles of any girl's cupboard
  • Karishma's audience is adoring her latest reel

RJ Karishma's bio states, "Satya ghatna par adharit comedy karne vali ladki!" (A girl who does comedy based on real incidents), and in her latest reel, she truly lives up to her words. In her recent Instagram reel, RJ Karishma imaginatively envisions how any girl's cupboard would communicate if given the chance. Her comedic talent and expressions are outstanding, making them the focal point of the reel. 

How Any Girl's Cupboard Would Talk If It Could Speak:

The reel showcases the natural ways in which people interact with their cupboards, such as slamming the cupboard door, hiding a boyfriend's T-shirt, mixing gym wear with night suits, and, most commonly, stuffing the cupboard with clothes when guests arrive.

The video is incredibly funny, and girls everywhere can easily relate to it.

In her latest reel, RJ Karishma provides heartwarming entertainment about how her cupboard might feel and speak if it had a voice. Viewers are thoroughly enjoying her sharp humor. Viewers have commented- "How do you get this talent next level Karishma," while another mused, "Meri cubpboard kehti h or kapade mat bhar meri maa.

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