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RJ Sukriti Shares Insights About Her Content Creation Ideas

RJ Sukriti explains how observation plays an important role in content creation.

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RJ Sukriti Shares Insights About Her Content Creation Ideas

Photo Credit: RJ Sukriti Instagram

  • RJ Sukriti is a content creator
  • She enjoys a massive fan following on social media
  • Sukriti: I observe a lot is what I think

RJ Sukriti is known for her hilarious and relatable content. She has talked to whosthat360 and explained how she comes up with ideas for her daily videos and reels.

She said, "I observe a lot is what I think. And I'll go back to my radio. If I saw something today or I noticed something I will put that on my show. So, I think relatability also comes through. Because I feel that if this has happened to me, then I'm sure it must have happened to someone else. Whenever I feel that there's something that has happened to me, even if it's like a list of the ideas that comes to my mind, I will write it somewhere in my notes section, in my phone notes, and note it down like a pointer."

She added, "Later on, I would go back to those notes and refer to them. Initially, I used to feel that it was happening only to me, that it was relatable to me, maybe not to someone else. So, I used to ask my friends, and they would say, yes and I would be like, yes, it happens to everyone. So, I would make a content on that. So majorly it comes from there only, from observation. I think I feel that Indian families have a lot of content. We get a lot of content. A guest would come in or mom would say something, dad was saying something, neighbors were saying something. So, there's too much content around. A lot of people also, when we used to do the radio used to tell us that it's always important for you to go out as when you go out, you get a lot of ideas."

"I think for many creators, a second thing has become to observe things and it just comes in subconsciously to what video should we make. Like I am talking to you right now while driving, sometimes if you are talking to someone you get confused about switching between languages so this is also relatable. So recently we made a video about when we sing a song of congratulations so we say congratulations and celebration but we don't know what's next and everyone is making their versions. Like, if you keep observing things then you get content from somewhere," she concluded.

Sukriti not only creates funny content but also addresses social issues in her content.

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