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World Yoga Day 2024: Kundalini Yoga Expert Bijay Anand Opens Up On How Yoga Helps In Spiritual Upliftment

Bijay Anand: Yoga as an art form is something very basic

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World Yoga Day 2024: Kundalini Yoga Expert Bijay Anand Opens Up On How Yoga Helps In Spiritual Upliftment

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  • Bijay Anand is Kundalini Yoga Expert
  • He discusses the importance of Yoga
  • "Yoga as an art form is something very basic"

Given the kind of hustle and bustle involved in life, not many people can shine and achieve success simultaneously in different walks of life. However, it's a different story altogether if you are Bijay Anand who's respected immensely for his credibility as an actor and Kundalini Yoga expert. The man truly defines fitness and wellness in the true sense of the term and that's why, there's so much to learn when it comes to discipline and consistency in life. Bijay, as we all know, is a Yoga and wellness expert who's got students all over the world in great numbers. 

Bijay Anand's Thoughts About Yoga:

"Well, first of all, irrespective of whether a working man, woman, or non-working individual, yoga as an art form is something very basic that should be practiced by one and all irrespective of age or profession. While everyone talks about the various physical health benefits of Yoga, what people often fail to understand is how it's great for the mind as well. The brain and mind are the CPU of our body and for the body to function well and efficiently, you need the mind to be in a great space. Just dedicating 30-45 minutes to yoga in a single day can help improve the mind in ways beyond imagination."

He added, "Your concentration improves, and your ability to focus on things and process them gets better. To add to that, you are also inclined towards spirituality and the bigger purpose of life and all this leads to overall health and wellness. It not only helps in keeping away physical diseases but can also help in ways beyond imagination when it comes to dealing with things like anxiety and depression. I truly feel everyone should look at it as a way of life and not just a reform. For me, those who do yoga three days a week are simply wasting their time. It is a way of life and one should truly embrace it to achieve the best results physically, mentally, and spiritually."

"I Don't Miss Out On My Yoga"

For me personally, I wake up early daily and sleep early. Even on Sundays or holidays, I don't miss out on my Yoga. Just like we don't forget eating or there's no excuse for not eating, there shouldn't be any for Yoga as well. We all know the basic benefits of Yoga and there's nothing new to talk about it. But this year, my only message to people would be to try and enhance their consistency, and instead of looking at it as an occasional way of fitness, look at it as a way of life and daily happening. That's when you truly understand your body, mind, and soul and work on yourself towards the bigger purpose of life. You will be a lot calmer and steadier and your ability to make important decisions in life will improve," he concluded.

Well, some really important and relevant words coming from the expert himself who matters the most in this space. There's truly no one better than Bijay to share relevant tips and suggestions and well, when you get an opportunity to hear it straight from the horse's mouth, it's better to learn and make the most of it for real. 

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