Enhance Your Health with Proper Meal Timings: Manisha Manjari's Insights

Manisha Manjari, a well-known therapist, and lifestyle coach, advises you on the right time to eat daily meals.

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Enhance Your Health with Proper Meal Timings: Manisha Manjari's Insights

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  • Manisha Manjari is a therapist and lifestyle coach
  • The right time for eating meals
  • Benefits of eating early dinner

In the pursuit of good health, many of us actively select foods that promise to nourish and protect our bodies. But is it enough to consume only a balanced diet in your meals to achieve optimal health? Here, Manisha Manjari, a therapist, motivational speaker, and lifestyle coach shares some crucial health points. According to her, the timing at which we consume our meals is as crucial as maintaining a balanced diet, Which keeps you away from many health issues. 

With her expertise, Manisha highlights the vital role that meal timing plays in our overall health journey. Manisha simply categorizes the periods for each meal, offering a structured approach to nurturing our bodies in layout with their natural pattern.

Right Time For Eating Meals: 

Breakfast Between 7 to 9 AM: It is an ideal time to eat your breakfast. To obtain the maximum benefits, you need to eat a healthy, filling breakfast at the right time. The time of eating breakfast is as important as the type of food you are eating for breakfast. Jumpstart your metabolism and fuel your body for the day ahead. A healthy breakfast can improve concentration and energy levels.

Lunch Between 12 to 2 PM: According to the research, at that time your metabolism hits its peak and your digestive fire is the strongest. Eating a balanced lunch helps maintain energy levels prevents afternoon slumps and helps to control your blood sugar level. 

Dinner Between 6 to 9 PM: Eating early gives your body enough time to digest food before bed. This promotes better sleep and helps with weight management. Also, eating early can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Manisha Manjari's insights remind us that achieving optimal health and well-being involves more than just what we eat. She highlighted the importance of meal timing alongside a balanced diet. Timing your meals correctly can make a huge difference in your overall health and wellness. You can feel the change after following the correct timing.


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