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Unveiling Hotel Bill Scams: A Traveler's Encounter

Delve into a traveler's firsthand experience as he unveils a common hotel billing scam, shedding light on the importance of scrutinizing your bills while staying at hotels.
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Unveiling Hotel Bill Scams: A Traveler's Encounter

Photo Credit: Ujjawal Pahwa

  • A traveler's encounter with a deceptive hotel bill
  • The request for an incorrect signature and an inflated bill amount
  • Understanding tax calculations and staying vigilant during check-out

Ujjawal's recent hotel stay unfolded a scenario that many travelers might find unsettling—an encounter with a deceptive hotel billing practice. As he approached the reception desk to check out, he expected a seamless departure but found himself in a situation that demanded his attention.

The Request for an Incorrect Signature

Upon expressing his intention to check out, the hotel receptionist thanked Ujjawal for his stay and handed him a bill to sign before providing the final version. However, Ujjawal wisely refrained from signing it right away, suspecting discrepancies.

The Inflated Bill Amount

The receptionist presented a bill that included a room rent of ₹5000 and an 18% GST, totaling ₹5900. Ujjawal, however, had done his homework. He knew that for rooms costing less than ₹7500, the applicable GST rate was 12%, not 18%. Therefore, the correct bill amount should have been ₹5600.

Understanding Tax Calculations

This incident underscores the importance of travelers being vigilant when it comes to hotel billing. Understanding tax calculations and knowing the applicable rates can save you from overpaying for your stay.

In conclusion, Ujjawal's experience serves as a valuable lesson for all travelers. When checking out from hotels, it's essential to scrutinize your bill, question discrepancies, and ensure that you're being charged correctly. By staying informed and vigilant, you can avoid falling victim to common hotel billing scams and enjoy a hassle-free travel experience.

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