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Sharan Hegde's Throwback to a Heartfelt Conversation with MS Dhoni

A throwback to a conversation between Sharan Hegde and MS Dhoni that will warm your heart.
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Sharan Hegde's Throwback to a Heartfelt Conversation with MS Dhoni

Photo Credit: Sharan Hegde's Instagram

  • Dhoni's heartfelt take on life beyond cricket
  • Sharan Hegde's insightful chat with MS Dhoni
  • Sharan asks Dhoni about what truly matters to him today

In a heartwarming throwback to a candid conversation, Sharan Hegde, popularly known as Finance with Sharan, engaged in a captivating dialogue with the iconic Indian cricketer, MS Dhoni. The video, which gained immense appreciation, captured Dhoni's profound insights into life beyond cricket.

Sharan Hegde initiated the conversation by addressing Dhoni's retirement, playfully interrupted by Tanmay Bhatt, emphasizing the retirement from international cricket. Dhoni's response, accompanied by a smile, hinted at his eternal connection with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and their ardent fans.

One of the most striking moments came when Sharan asked Dhoni about what holds importance in his life today. Dhoni's reply resonated with humility and depth as he expressed his desire to be remembered not just as a cricketing legend but as a good human being. He emphasized that the journey to being a good human being is a lifelong process, extending until one's last breath.

Life Beyond Cricket: Dhoni's Philosophical Perspective

Digging deeper into Dhoni's perspective on life post-cricket, Sharan questioned whether he felt there was more to achieve after an illustrious career. Dhoni, ever the philosopher, shared that cricket, though integral, is just a part of life. For him, every day is crucial, and he strives to be the best version of himself. Dhoni's profound statement highlighted that while cricket may have a defined end, life continues with its commas and full stops.

The video garnered praise in the comments section, with viewers lauding it as the "best podcast ever seen." Dhoni's wisdom and Sharan Hegde's precise questions received acclaim, with one viewer noting, "Absolute fire" in response to Dhoni's insightful remark: "If you want to be a 'Good Human,' it's a process till you die." 

If you're a cricket enthusiast, this conversation is a must-watch, offering MS Dhoni's authentic wisdom and Sharan Hegde's skillful questions that resonate with everyday life.

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