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Unlock the Art: Master the Skill of Layering Jewellery Like a Pro!

Sanjana Bhatia shares expert tips on mastering the art of necklace layering, a trend favoured by brides and grooms to achieve a sophisticated look on their wedding day.
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Unlock the Art: Master the Skill of Layering Jewellery Like a Pro!

Photo Credit: Sanjana Bhatia Instagram

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Sanjana Bhatia unravels the art of necklace layering, a trend embraced not only by brides but also by grooms seeking to enhance their wedding day allure. Offering expert tips, she guides individuals on the nuanced skill of layering necklaces like a pro, ensuring a distinctive and sophisticated look for their special day.

Limit the number of pieces

When embracing the art of necklace layering, it's crucial to exercise restraint. Sanjana Bhatia advises limiting the number of pieces to two to four, ensuring a tasteful and curated look. The choice of layer lengths is contingent upon the neckline of the attire, allowing for a harmonious and balanced aesthetic that complements the overall ensemble.

Choose a Focal Point

In the art of necklace layering, the selection of a focal point is paramount. Sanjana Bhatia recommends choosing a necklace that stands out, acting as the centrepiece to complement the overall attire. Embrace creativity by experimenting with diverse textures, colours, and shades, such as pairing pearls with kundan necklaces for a unique and harmonious fusion of elements.

Do Not Go Overboard

Excessive layering of necklaces will create a disorderly look hence should be avoided so as to achieve harmony and sophistication. According to Sanjana Bhatia, there is no need to wear overwhelming combinations; therefore, the use of one or two colours would be enough to ensure uniformity. However, when blending different gemstones it is important to remain with one colour combination, especially in creating layered necklace ensembles.

Flaunt your jewellery like a pro with the layering tips!

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