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Do's and Don'ts of Dupatta Drapes for Work: Tanistha Basu

Fashion stylist Tanistha Basu shares essential do's and don'ts for draping your dupatta at work.

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Do's and Don'ts of Dupatta Drapes for Work: Tanistha Basu

Photo Credit: Tanistha Basu Instagram

  • Tanistha Basu, a fashion stylist
  • She shares dos and don'ts of Dupatta Drapes for work
  • Enhance your professional look with perfect dupatta drapes

A well-draped dupatta can enhance your professional look, but an awkwardly draped dupatta can be distracting. Tanistha Basu, a fashion stylist, shares some simple do's and don'ts to help you style your dupatta for the work.

Do: Choose Neat Drapes

Choose a neat and clean draping style. The best way to drape your dupatta for work is to leave it over one shoulder and then bring the other end over the opposite shoulder. This style is both elegant and effective, with the dupatta staying in place as you go outside. A more professional way to wear your dupatta is to wrap both ends in the front, making sure they are the same distance apart.

Don't: Avoid Clumsy Drapes

Avoid draping your dupatta in an awkward manner. Messy drapes can be a huge distraction not only for you but also for your colleagues. It is important to keep your dupatta in place and avoid constant adjustments. A poorly draped dupatta can look unprofessional and spoil your overall look. Choose curtains that are easy to maintain and last all day.

Do: Try the Belted Drape

For a stunning and trendy look, you can try wrapping your dupatta with a belt. This modern style not only keeps the dupatta in place but also provides attractive details to your outfit. Simply wrap the dupatta around your neck and secure it with a stylish belt at the waist. This way, your dupatta stays in place and you can concentrate on your work without any distraction.

Don't: Use Informal Draping Styles

Stay away from informal draping styles that are more suitable for casual outings. Styles in which the dupatta is thrown loosely over the shoulder or wrapped casually around the neck can look disorganized in a professional environment. Instead, choose curtains that are neat and structured, contributing to a neat look.

In conclusion, how you wear your dupatta can have an important impact on your professional appearance. To ensure you look attractive and confident at work, wear clean, structured drapes and avoid messy or informal styles.

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