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'Your Audience is Your Power,' Says Kokan-Hearted Girl, Ankita PrabhuWalawalkar

Know more about Ankita PrabhuWalawalkar, the travel & lifestyle creator sharing the beauty of Kokani culture.

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'Your Audience is Your Power,' Says Ankita PrabhuWalawalkar

Photo Credit: Ankita Prabhu Walawalkar

  • Ankita PrabhuWalawalkar is popularly known as Kokan Hearted girl
  • She shares her experience of meeting Dr. Jaishankar
  • Talks about balancing food, travel & lifestyle content

Looking at her Instagram feed, you will just want to be in the beautiful picturesque locations she travels to. This creator hasn't just stolen the hearts of the Kokani community but everyone following her content. Well, I'm talking about Ankita PrabhuWalawalkar, also famously known as the Kokan Hearted Girl. Whether it's her content around food, travel, or lifestyle, Ankita effortlessly does her best to win hearts all over.

In this exclusive conversation with Whosthat360, Ankita talks about her inspiration behind sharing her cultural heritage, her collaboration with MerchGarage, and much more.

Ankita, your content has beautifully showcased Kokani culture to a wider audience. What inspired you to share your heritage with the world?

Cultural heritage is deeply personal, but it is also a connection we all share. Connecting with your culture helps you connect more with those around you. So, when I came to Mumbai and this social media era began, sharing my heritage was the best way to find my people and connect with others.

Your collaboration with MerchGarage is exciting! What was the thought process behind creating merchandise with iconic Kokani one-liners?

Apparel that appeals to everyone is on trend, and I got this opportunity to present those Kokani one-liners on a huge platform, which itself is a big thing. So, I decided to give it a try.

How do you feel these phrases resonate with both Gen Z and millennials, and what's the significance behind each one?

Gen Z and millennials are both human beings, right? Both were raised on feelings and communication, and these phrases tap into those emotions. This is something I look forward to, bridging the best of both generations.

Your content spans food, travel, and lifestyle. How do you balance these topics and keep your audience engaged?

Simplicity and humour are common factors in my content. Knowing your audience and engaging them is essential. Even less interesting topics can become engaging with a bit of humour, allowing for great messages to be conveyed.

What's your favourite aspect of Kokani culture that you hope to share with your audience through your content and merchandise?

The warmth in people's nature, symbolized by the coconut fruit -"Hard outside and soft inside."

One thing you love and hate about creating content?

One thing I love is creativity. As a creator, creativity gives you a competitive advantage. And one thing I dislike, 'hate' is a very strong word, actually but the negative aspect associated with content creation is seeking validation from strangers.

You recently met Dr. Jaishankar. How was the experience? One thing you learned from him that you will always remember?

Oh, that was a dream come true and a fan moment for me. Not just one thing, but three: clarity of thoughts, a no-nonsense, fearless attitude, and a straightforward style of communication. I don't get much time to watch videos, but I do catch his interviews whenever possible.

With so many creators, competition has increased. How do you ensure you don't let the numbers game bother you?

It's normal to care about your social media presence to some extent, but it's essential to maintain a healthy balance and not let it consume you. Instead of fixating on the number of followers, focus on building genuine connections with those who engage with your content. Quality interactions are often more valuable than quantity.

One thing you have learned from travelling? Your favourite destination and why?

Distance makes you appreciate the importance of people in your life. It's hard to love them sometimes, so I travel (Smiles). Travel boosts your problem-solving skills. I don't have a favourite destination as such, but I love mountains because I was born and brought up in Kokan, so I have no attraction left for beaches.

How does it feel to be a cultural ambassador of sorts for the Kokani community, and what responsibilities come with that role?

I don't consider myself a cultural ambassador. Culture is self-discovered—an accumulation of all that makes you unique: home, family, music, food, ethnicities, etc. Ultimately, the connection is there; you just have to recognize it and make it known. Your audience is your power.

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