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Discovering the Allure of Landour's Infinity Trails

Infinity Trails in Landour is a hidden gem that offers a 3-kilometer circle that promises to give visitors a relaxed tour of the town's essence. The Hosteller recently shared this on Instagram.

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Discovering the Allure of Landour's Infinity Trails

Photo Credit: The Hosteller Instagram

  • Uncover the Rich History
  • Encounter with The Ruskin Bond
  • Visit to Landour Bakehouse

The Infinity Trails are a hidden gem amid Landour's gorgeous hills that are just waiting to be discovered. This enchanting 3-kilometer loop, which provides tourists with a unique opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the town's spirit, has come to light thanks to a recent Instagram post by The Hosteller. 

Uncover the Rich History:

You'll wind through narrow streets and twisting roads that wrap through the center of Landour when you venture forth on the Infinity Trails. Your voyage begins at Sister's Bazar, which establishes the mood for what's to come.

Like a figure eight, the trail takes you past many historical and enigmatic locations of interest. Every monument, from the imposing St. Paul's Church to the graceful Rokeby Manor, has a unique story that just has to be found. 

Listen out for rumors of ghost stories that reverberate throughout the community to enhance the mystery of your journey. A memorable experience of Infinity Trails is the accidental meeting with the well-known writer Ruskin Bond, who has settled in Landour. As you go around the city, keep an eye out for this literary landmark; it could happen and give a magical element to your trip.

When your journey draws to an end, don't forget to set aside some time to visit Landour Bakehouse, a warm and welcoming place where you can relax and savor the simple pleasure of hot chocolate. Take a seat, unwind, and enjoy the warmth of your beverage while thinking back on the experiences you had exploring Landour's Infinity Trails.

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