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Best Indian Resorts to Visit in Summer

Shenaz Treasury, a travel influencer, shares her travel itinerary in which she explores Indias best resorts for summer.

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Best Indian Resorts to Visit in Summer

Photo Credit: Shenaz Treasury Instagram

  • Shenaz Treasury is a travel influencer
  • Explore the best resort for summer
  • All the places are beautiful and adventurous

Travel is a word that describes itself as a vibe of refreshment and wonder. Traveling is not just for exploring new places but also essential for relaxation and boundless joy. In this summer, if you are searching for places that make your summer memorable and perfect, then stop searching. 

Shenaz Treasury, a travel influencer and a digital content creator, who is very well-known for exploring amazing and adventurous places. In her recent itinerary, she explores some beautiful places that make your summer catchy and glorious. The best thing is, that you don't need to step outside the country; all these hidden gems are in India. So, let's know about those places in detail.

Mementos Udaipur: It is a resort located in Udaipur, Rajasthan. A luxury nestled in the lap of Aravalli Hills offers the best experience to create memories of a lifetime. This place offers you a luxury pool with a fantastic view of the historic Aravalli range. Also, curate a special breakfast that tantalizes your taste buds.

Tamara Kodaikanal: This resort is located in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, at a height of 2000m (6500 ft). Because of its structure and British-era style room, this place takes you back to living in the 1840s. The best part is, that this place provides you with misty fog and cool weather even in the heavy summer. Also, don't forget to visit the famous Sterling Kodai valley.

Cabo Serai in Goa: Cabo Serai is located in South Goa near Cabo de Rama beach. Offers some special things like- cool tent-style villas, rooms that are spectacular with stunning views, amazing sunset, a beach, and a set candlelight dinner for you on the beach. 

Overall, these places are going to make your summer wonderful. Shenaz Treasury's exploration of India's summer resorts or places gives a brief look into the diverse and attractive destinations within the country. With her exploration, she transforms boring summer days into a perfect break out, without stepping outside India. 

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