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Beat the Crowds in Manali: Vidya Ravishanker's Top Peaceful Hidden Gems

Travel influencer Vidya Ravishanker shares her favorite underrated destinations in Manali.

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Beat the Crowds in Manali: Vidya Ravishanker's Top Peaceful Hidden Gems

Photo Credit: Vidya Ravishanker Instagram

  • Vidya Ravishanker, a travel influencer
  • Beat the Crowds in Manali
  • She shares top underrated peaceful places in Manali

Manali is India's favorite vacation destination, whether it's summer or winter. If you're planning a trip to Manali, you'll likely see large crowds at the common tourist spots, especially during the holiday season. For those looking for peaceful, underrated places, travel influencer Vidya Ravishanker has some great recommendations:

1. Sethan

Sethan is a magical place situated at a height of 2700 meters. It provides a breathtaking view of the Dhauladhar range. Sethan is just above the town of Manali, allowing you to watch the activities down without truly becoming a part of it. From up here, you can see the crowd and vehicles, but you still feel like you are in a peaceful place. If you are looking for a peaceful and beautiful experience, a stay in Sethan is an ideal choice.

2. Sissu

Thanks to the Atal Tunnel, reaching Sissu has become easy. This place feels like a completely different world. After you cross the tunnel, the landscape changes dramatically. Sissu offers a lot of homestays, but it's best to ask about them offline because online options are limited. Sissu's charm lies in its untouched beauty and cool environment.

3. Naggar

Naggar used to be the home of the Kullu lords and has a very calm vibe. If you want to experience the slow, peaceful mountain life, Naggar is the place to visit. You can stay in the memorable Naggar Palace, which adds a remarkable touch to your trip. The calm atmosphere and beautiful views make Naggar a perfect spot for a relaxing getaway.

These hidden gems offer a calmer option to the busy tourist areas in Manali. They let you enjoy the natural beauty and local culture in peace. So, if you're looking to beat the crowds and have a calm vacation, consider visiting Sethan, Sissu, and Naggar on your next trip to Manali.

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