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Akanksha Monga Shares Affordable Travel Itinerary for Karnataka; Read Here

Explore Karnataka With Akanksha Monga On Budget Friendly Rates.

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Akanksha Monga Shares Affordable Travel Itinerary for Karnataka; Read Here

Photo Credit: Akansha Monga Instagram

  • Local bus for the win
  • Homestay bring the best choice
  • Affordae Food to complete the trip

In her video, Akanksha describes her trip to Chikmagalur, a charming town in Karnataka, where she went on an affordable adventure that left her with priceless memories and a bigger wallet. She reveals that embracing the local way of life and making wise decisions are crucial. Akanksha's method of conveyance was one of her most notable tactics. 

Economical Travel Itinerary for Karnataka:

She took advantage of the inexpensive and effective local bus system instead of calling an expensive taxi. She cut her travel expenses drastically while experiencing the real local way of life by catching two local buses for just Rs 50 per, hitching a ride with a kind local, and boarding a tuktuk for just Rs 40.

Another important component of Akanksha's affordable trip was lodging. Rather than lavishing money on opulent hotels, she chose a homestay that was only Rs 1000 a person and was located in the middle of a coffee plantation. This benefited the local economy as well as giving her a special and unforgettable stay. 

Naturally, a trip wouldn't be complete without trying the local food, and Akanksha made sure to savour some delectable treats without going over budget. She added an extra depth of richness to her journey by savouring the flavours of Karnataka with some appe and dosa for a mere Rs 70.

Anybody can access inexpensive adventures and make lifelong memories by adopting mindful decisions and embracing the local way of life. So keep in mind Akanksha's insightful advice the next time you find yourself putting off a trip because of financial worries: Travelling isn't expensive, our habits are.

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