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Larissa D'Sa on Bagging Travel Series 'Postcards From Meghalaya': Exploring the prosperous history...

Larissa D'Sa Bags The National Geographic Travel Series Titled 'Postcards From Meghalaya'.

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Larissa D'Sa on Bagging Travel Series 'Postcards From Meghalaya': Exploring the prosperous history...

Photo Credit: Larissa D'Sa Instagram

  • Larissa D'Sa is a travel influencer
  • She has travel series titled Postcards From Meghalaya'
  • "I was very excited..."

Larissa D'Sa has been brought on board by National Geographic for an intriguing series titled ‘Postcards from Meghalaya'. National Geographic's ‘Postcards From” is a travel series, starring prominent personalities showcasing rich history, heritage, distinct cultures, and cuisines around different states in India. ‘Postcards from Meghalaya', starring Larissa D'Sa, is a part of this all-encapsulating series, highlighting the unique cultural, social, and geographical aspects of Meghalaya.

Larissa D'Sa Baggs Travel Series:

Larissa D'Sa infused passion into the travel stories, capturing the essence of each place through her love for traveling. In the limited series, Larissa dives deep into the vibrant culture of one of the seven sisters in the exquisitely teeming northeast, Meghalaya.  Along with lush greenery and buzzy urban towns, Larissa also rummages for authentic rural experiences. In her signature style, Larissa taps into unconventional aspects of the state, and what better way than to interact with locals and try their cuisine? She found the culinary scene very interesting and rich in flavors, pleasantly surprising her taste palate. Despite difficult roads, she gathered fascinating local stories from residents and shot in bewitching locales.

"As An Ardent Traveler..."

Larissa said, “As an ardent traveler, the northeastern part of India has always held a special place in my heart. I was excited to collaborate with National Geographic, one of the premier travel networks, exploring the prosperous history, culture, and stunning views while bringing a novelty element to the magnificent experience of Meghalaya.”

About the Series:

In the first episode which will air on June 8, 2024, Larissa D'Sa tours the beautiful Shillong. Larissa has always tried to bring a distinct aspect to all locations. In the abode of clouds is a regal, 100-year-old Colonial architectural marvel, the Pinewood Hotel, which stands as a testimony to the history of Shillong. She chose it as her place of residence for her first stop in the capital city.

About the Influencer:

Larissa has traveled to 21 countries while collaborating with esteemed tourism boards of countries like the USA, UAE, Canada, Switzerland, and others. For her relentless pursuit of delivering quality travel experiences, she has been honored with several awards, including Travel Influencer of the Year by Cosmopolitan. She has consolidated the community of adventurers, bound by a shared love for adventure and discovery.

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