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Exclusive! Vishnu Kaushal on Cannes Debut: 'Don't Know What to Feel About This'

Vishnu Kaushal is all set to make his grand debut at the 77th Cannes Film Festival.

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Exclusive! Vishnu Kaushal on Cannes Debut: 'Don't Know What to Feel About This'

Photo Credit: Vishnu Kaushal's Instagram

  • Vishnu Kaushal's grand debut at the Cannes Film Festival
  • His thoughts on the festival
  • 'I will tell my grandkids about it,' quips Vishnu

This talented creator has been making us laugh with his hilarious videos and charming us with his infectious energy. And now, after making his Bollywood debut alongside the one and only Shah Rukh Khan in Dunki, he's taking his talents to the global stage! If you love scrolling through Instagram, you've probably come across his Punjabi videos and laughed along with them! Yes, we're talking about Vishnu Kaushal, and now we have another reason to cheer him on as he's all set to make his debut at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Although he shies away from many media interactions, we managed to catch up with him to discuss this special occasion, and in this exclusive conversation, he shares it all.

First of all, Vishnu, congratulations! What was your initial reaction upon learning about your debut opportunity?

My initial reaction was honestly like, I don't know how and what to feel about this. I was confused. I'm not the kind of person who gets too excited for things instantly or gets that FOMO. I was playing it down till I wasn't, then while trying clothes for Cannes it hit me. Just yesterday I was making videos in a room alone, and now I'm gonna be walking down the same red carpet as some of the biggest stars in the world. I don't think it has still sunk in.

For someone like you, who has always let your work do the talking, what does this opportunity signify to you?

Actually, it's kind of weird. I'm being told that I'm supposed to do interviews and some PR things I'm not good at these things. For me, it's just an experience I want to share with my family, friends, my peach people & hopefully tell my grandkids about it.

Who among your close friends and family circle was the most excited after hearing this news?

Actually, my team, Tarkeshwar and Shubhi, were over the moon, and I got excited because of them. Then, when Mummy and Diksha (Rawat) were all gaga about it, they've helped me so much in figuring the whole trip out!

Many influencers and creators are making their debut. What does this signify for the creator community?

I love that! I feel every time a creator achieves a personal feat, they open that avenue up for hundreds of others. It's a beautiful reaction and I'm just very proud that I get to play a small role in this!

As someone who may have observed Cannes over the years, do you have any memories? Or any representation that you may have personally loved?

Last year, the creator because of whom I started making videos was at Cannes and I just couldn't believe it. To be here now is the fullest circle.

He ended the chat in his unique Punjabi style, "Saareya di support layyi boht boht dhannwad, thodde karke munda Hollywood actraan naal hangout karan jaa reha. Thonu saare updates dewanga, love you." (Thank you so much for your support, I'm going to hang out with Hollywood actors soon! I'll keep you all updated.) 

Wishing Vishnu all the very best for his Cannes debut

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