Armaan Malik's 'Kasam Se' - A Musical Ode to Aashna Shroff

Armaan Malik's heartfelt song 'Kasam Se' captures the essence of their love beautifully.
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Armaan Malik's 'Kasam Se' - A Musical Ode to Aashna Shroff

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  • 'Kasam Se' is a heartwarming story of Armaan's proposal to Aashna Shroff
  • The song is a musical love letter and a promise of everlasting love
  • Aashna's emotional reactions make this proposal truly special

Love stories often have a charm of their own, and when they involve celebrities, they capture the hearts of fans worldwide. The engagement of Aashna Shroff and Armaan Malik took everyone by surprise, leaving many curious about the romantic details of the proposal. Armaan Malik, the talented singer, recently revealed the beautiful love story between him and Aashna Shroff through his latest music video, 'Kasam Se.' 

A Surprise Proposal 

The music video begins with Armaan Malik excitedly addressing the camera, his voice filled with anticipation. He confesses, "I can't wait; she has absolutely no idea." What follows is a heartwarming narrative of Armaan's surprise proposal to Aashna, his girlfriend of six years. In the video, Armaan opens up about how he sang the song 'Kasam Se' to Aashna just two months ago, got down on one knee, and asked her to be his forever. For Armaan, this song is more than just a melody; it's a promise to Aashna and an ode to their love story.

A Musical Love Letter

Armaan Malik describes 'Kasam Se' as a musical love letter to his better half. It's a promise that no matter how challenging life's circumstances may become, he'll always be there, holding her hand through it all. He further expresses his deep feelings for Aashna, saying, "When you find your soulmate, your forever person - there's no looking back. Aashna is the most special person in my life, and I feel extremely lucky to spend the rest of my life with her. Here's to our forever!"

Aashna's Surprise and Emotional Reactions

The video captures the essence of Armaan's surprise proposal perfectly. Aashna, unaware of the grand plan, is genuinely surprised. Her emotional reactions, combined with the support and happiness of friends and family, make this proposal a truly heartwarming and unforgettable moment.

The music video beautifully captures the joy, surprise, and love that make proposals like this one truly special.