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Shweta Mahadik's DIY "Shehnaaz Inspired" Earrings

An inspiring DIY project was just uploaded on Shweta Mahadik's Instagram feed by the creative enthusiast.
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Shweta Mahadik's DIY "Shehnaaz Inspired" Earrings

Photo Credit: Shweta Mahadik Instagram

  • Shweta Mahadik recreates Shehnaaz Gill's iconic earrings
  • A step-by-step guide to crafting your own pair
  • Discover the creative process behind this trendy accessory

Shweta Mahadik has recreated a pair of exquisite earrings that Shehnaaz Gill wore in a video titled "DIY - "Shehnaaz inspired" earrings," showcasing her love of fashion and crafting.

The Artistic Method:

Shweta declares her admiration for Shehnaaz Gill's earrings, laying the groundwork for her intriguing undertaking. Anyone can recreate the look thanks to the clear directions she provides as she walks viewers through each process.

Your Own Shehnaaz-Inspired Earrings to Make:

Shweta begins by shaping a piece of plastic into a circle that will serve as the base for the design of these striking earrings. She then expertly adheres tiny coin-shaped embellishments that resemble flower petals to the plastic foundation. She repeats this procedure, creating two identical pieces, to make a whole set of earrings.

The Special Touch:

Jump rings are used to make delicate chains for the earrings as Shweta's do-it-yourself project takes a creative turn. She joins coins to these chains to create beautiful hanging components. She creates three of these hangings in all, each including four coins.

Last flourish:

Shweta joins the earlier-made flower-shaped pieces to the hanging chains to finish the Shehnaaz-inspired earrings. The end result is a lovely pair of handmade earrings that perfectly encapsulate Shehnaaz Gill's fashion sense.

Shweta's commitment to recreating these legendary earrings demonstrates her love of fashion and inventiveness. Her detailed instructions give viewers the confidence to attempt making this fashionable jewellery themselves. Shweta Mahadik's "Shehnaaz inspired" earrings provide an intriguing and fashionable option whether you enjoy DIY projects or are just searching for a distinctive piece of jewellery to add to your collection. Try it out to give your clothing a dash of glitz!


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