Get Your Grooming Right for the Monsoons by Shahnaz Husain

Remember that during the hot and humid season, it is about how you look and feel: Shahnaz Husain

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Get Your Grooming Right for the Monsoons by Shahnaz Husain

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  • Shahnaz Husain talks about the importance of comfortable fashion
  • She is a prominent skin-care expert
  • She shares tips for grooming

Today's trend is a combination of functionality and fashion. Comfort is a factor that must be taken into consideration, and this is more so during the monsoons. Feeling cool and comfortable means you can carry yourself well, with confidence. How can you think or look confident if you keep fidgeting with your clothes or have sweat stains? 

Whatever fashion trends may be, the golden rule for hot and humid weather is simplicity. But, first things first. Your grooming begins with personal hygiene. Wearing cotton undergarments during the monsoons is best because cool, porous materials help perspiration escape and evaporate. Loose, light clothing is also much more appropriate and comfortable during summer. Daily changes in clothing are a must. In fact, in the humid season, two clothing changes help avoid body odour. 

For your clothes, go for simple lines. Go for clean cuts with a minimum of detail. Avoid frills and flounces. The idea is to feel and look cool. Colours can make a big difference. I think bright colours help brighten up a gloomy, rainy day. Blue jeans never go out of fashion, but try jeans in other colours too, like greys, beige and white. Another “cool” trick is to use two shades of the same colour, like two progressive shades of blue, pink, or green. During the day, subtle colours may make you look cool, so go for ivory, lemon, leaf green or pista green and white, of course. Try sunny yellow or coral! Neutral shades are easy to find accessories for because you can match shoes and handbags easily. 

What about fabrics? Materials like cotton, voile, organza, chiffon, georgettes or lace look summery to feel comfortable. Try a flowing chiffon or georgette top for evening wear. Trim the sleeves or button-closing with white cotton lace and see how appealing and summery it can look. Flowery prints are in. 

There is no particular fashion image – you can follow traditional, Western or even combine the two. Accessories can also make the outfit look special. You can match colours, use contrasting colours, or use a theme, like traditional handlooms or prints. For example, try a traditional Rajasthani tie-and-dye top with your jeans or skirt for an ethnic touch. Tie and dye work and other traditional handlooms never go out of fashion. In crisp cotton or sheer fabrics, they can be ideal for summer. Ethnic fabrics can be translated into modern styles. 

Where trimmings go, avoid bright gold or garish silver. Trimmings with lace may be more appropriate. Churidar ensembles for the evening can look cooler in one colour. With it, wear a chiffon dupatta with light trimmings, tiny sequins, or crystal work to add a touch of glamour. 

Pay special attention to your feet after washing them well. Dry thoroughly and apply talcum powder. If you wear closed shoes, sprinkle some in the shoes too. In the hot season, slippers and open sandals are best, as they allow the perspiration to evaporate. However, open footwear attracts dirt, and foot hygiene becomes all the more important. After a hot day, soak your feet in cold water, to which some salt has been added. Keep light fragrances during summer rather than heavily concentrated ones to add the last touch to your grooming. A light cologne or toilet water may be enough. Floral or lemony fragrances are just right in summer. Cologne, after a shower, can be most refreshing. 

Remember that during the hot and humid season, it is about how you look and feel. 

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