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Exclusive: Robin Kurian (Romolika) on Recent Legal Developments and LGBTQ+ Rights

Robin Kurian also discussed evolving attitudes towards LGBTQ+ rights.
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Exclusive: Robin Kurian (Romolika) on Recent Legal Developments and LGBTQ+ Rights

Photo Credit: Robin Kurian's Instagram

  • Robin Kurian's response to recent legal developments
  • Evolving attitudes towards LGBTQ+ rights
  • Promoting inclusivity and acceptance

Robin Kurian, popularly known as Romolika, has earned a dedicated following for his humorous depictions of television characters and his active involvement in the LGBTQI community. In the wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling that denied the legalization of same-sex marriage, we sought his perspective on these legal developments and the broader state of LGBTQ+ rights in India. Here's what he responded: 

Recent Legal Developments and Marriage Equality in India

Robin Kurian, also known as Romolika, shares his candid thoughts on the recent legal developments surrounding marriage equality in India.

"I personally feel that although the judgment was not in favour of the LGBTQIA+ community, many facts brought up by the Supreme Court can't be ignored. I am a little disappointed yet hopeful that we will get the rights we deserve someday. I hope that the political parties will come together and support same-sex marriage as it is a fundamental human right for the queer community."

Evolving Attitudes Towards LGBTQ+ Rights in Society

Robin reflects on the changing societal attitudes toward LGBTQ+ rights and the role of media in this transformation.

"A democracy requires the support of a major chunk of the population to be aware and supportive of major legal changes such as this. I think the media has a major role to play in this; the narrative of queer characters in movies and web shows has evolved. We could see a major rise in queer content creators who have overcome their fears and express themselves freely on social media. Amidst all hate, we do find people who love and support us. As I hope for a brighter future for us, I also feel we have a more liberal and aware chunk of people rooting for us."

Supporting LGBTQ+ Individuals During Legal Changes and Challenges

Robin highlights the importance of support for LGBTQ+ individuals during times of legal changes and challenges.

"With LGBTQIA+ becoming the center of discussion, it is bound to attract hate from the regressive members of the society as well. As allies and well-wishers, people need to be more vocal about their support as it helps us boost our morale. Normalizing conversations around the queer community, accepting and loving us like we belong is a major part of that."

Promoting Inclusivity and Acceptance for LGBTQ+ Individuals

Robin suggests positive steps to promote inclusivity and acceptance for LGBTQ+ individuals and offers encouraging words to those feeling overwhelmed by the recent decision.

"If we continue educating people about the queer community, continue to hold open discussions, continue to express our narratives through art, dialogues, media, and continue fighting, then we will surely have more people on our side by the end of it. Lastly, anyone who has been feeling overwhelmed must believe that we have a long way to go, so we need to keep fighting without losing hope."

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