Palash Flowers: Nature's Remedy for Summer Skin Woes

Discover the natural healing properties of Palash flowers for summer skin disorders and gear up to embrace this traditional remedy for healthier skin.

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Palash Flowers: Nature's Remedy for Summer Skin Woes

Photo Credit: Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat Instagram

  • Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat is a digital influencer
  • He recommends how Palash pushp are best for various skin problems
  • He also shares the benefits of the Palash Flowers

Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat, a digital influencer with a focus on health and wellness, highlights the remarkable benefits of Palash flowers (Butea monosperma) for addressing various skin problems. Known as the "flame of the forest" for their vibrant orange colour, these flowers are not only a feast for the eyes but also a boon for the skin, especially during the summer months

The Significance of Palash Flowers

1. A Natural Solution for Summer Skin Issues

  • Problem: Summer brings with it skin disorders such as itching, rashes, heat boils, and urticaria, with children being particularly susceptible.
  • Solution: Palash flowers, blooming in abundance during this season, offer a safe and effective remedy for these skin ailments.

2. Identifying Palash Flowers

  • Appearance: Palash flowers are easily recognizable by their dark orange colour and are commonly found along national highways in India.
  • Season: These beautiful flowers are in full bloom from February to April, during the Vasant Ritu (spring season).

3. Versatile Benefits for Skin Health

  • Usage: Bathing in water soaked with Palash flowers can alleviate skin problems such as itching, rashes, heat boils, psoriasis, and fungal infections.
  • Additional Applications: Heated leaves can be used as a bandage for pain and swelling, while heated flowers can be applied to the bladder area to relieve urinary retention.

4. Ayurvedic Applications

  • Medicinal Preparations: Palash flowers, along with their bark and leaves, are used in Ayurveda to create various medicines.
  • Availability: Dried flowers or powder can be easily obtained from Ayurvedic medical stores.

5. Cultural and Traditional Significance

Holi Celebration: In ancient times, people used Palash flowers to play Holi, indicating that traditional celebrations were not only enjoyable but also health-friendly.

Palash flowers are a natural treasure with a multitude of benefits for skin health, particularly during the hot summer months. Dr. Mihir Khatri Shashwat's endorsement of these flowers underscores their effectiveness in treating common skin disorders and their importance in Ayurvedic medicine. Embracing the use of Palash flowers can be a step towards healthier skin and a nod to traditional, nature-based remedies.

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